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Top 12 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers Review and Buyer Guide

Cold Brew Coffee Makers are unique in terms of mechanism and methods of operation compared to the other coffee makers. They take long duration of over 12 hours to brew the coffee, as it is required to brew cold coffee

Comparison of Top 3 Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Top 12 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers [Review]

1. OXO Brew Cold Brew Coffee Maker With 10 Paper Filters

With several features like a super filtration system, stopper to seal the carafe, and others as described below, it undoubtedly produces perhaps the best cold brew coffee you ever experienced.

In addition to this, the cold brew coffee maker also comes with an auto-stop function to avoid spills and measurement markings on the carafe so that the users don’t accidentally overflow, thus further adding to user-convenience.


  • Rainmaker: Perforated Rainmaker evenly distributes water over coffee grounds for optimal flavor extraction in OXO Brew Cold Brew Coffee Maker.
  • Filters: Has an Ultra-fine stainless steel mesh filter that is reusable and easily cleanable. It also includes 10 paper filters.
  • Carafe: Has Borosilicate glass carafe including markings, and pairs with stoppers to keep coffee fresh in a refrigerator.
  • Operations: Simple brew release switch controls that aid the process of filtration.
  • Perforated Rainmaker and Filter ensure even water distribution and saturation.
  • Filter can easily be washed and reused.
  • Switch present for easy control of the draining process.
  • A bit expensive for the general public.
  • It has some leakage in most cases.
  • Several consumers have complained about its faulty draining features.

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2. Toddy THM Cold Brew System

The Toddy THM Cold Brew System is one of the top-rated cold brew coffee makers available in the United States. It provides cold brew coffee concentrate that can be microwaved or iced according to mood, and also provides the facility of making ideal tea.

This product includes a brewing container with handle, glass decanter with lids, 2 reusable filters, 1 rubber stopper, set of instructions, recipe guide, and a one-year manufacturer warranty. 


  • Filter: It includes 2 reusable felt filters, that can last a long time if the usage instructions are followed properly.
  • Carafe: Contains a carafe made of glass, that effectively stores the coffee concentrate for quite some time, and is a bit fragile at appearance.
  • Shelf-Life: This cold brew coffee maker helps to get more out of your coffee grounds, as the coffee concentrate stays fresh for up to 2 weeks with no change to the flavor.
  • Cleaning: The bottom stopper is easily removable, filter rinses out easily and plastic brewing container comes clean and stain-free, thereby making the cold brew coffee maker extremely easy to clean.
  • Coffee concentrate can last up to 3 weeks without a change in flavor.
  • Easily cleanable parts.
  • It can provide both cold brew coffee as well as tea.
  • It ensures very little acid in your morning cup of Java.
  • It consists of a DIY heating system causing the concentrate to be manually heated or cooled.
  • Handle and the glass carafe feel super flimsy and fragile and hence are not very durable.
  • The stopper in the bottom is not very useful to prevent leakages.

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3. Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

This New Deluxe cold brew coffee maker is a durable BPA-Free Tritan pitcher with an airtight lid & non-slip silicone handle, producing 4 servings of smooth cold brew with any type of coffee grounds, plus is less acidic than traditional coffee brewing.

This Cold brew coffee maker provides features similar to the Filtron Cold Water Coffee Concentrate at a much lower budget, making it a much more in-demand article for the budget-friendly clients.


  • Filter: The Fine-Mesh Coffee Filter in this cold brew coffee maker keeps grounds out of your freshly brewed pot hence differing from other coffee machines.
  • Material Used: It is made of BPA-Free Tritan plastic which is airtight and is capable of resisting heat, thereby preserving the stored coffee.
  • Cleaning: It has an extremely fine filter that is very easy to clean, thus making the machine a very one to operate and maintain.

  • Easy to clean and use.
  • The entire coffee maker is dishwasher safe.
  • Produces great quality cold brew coffee, that is less acidic than most other coffees from similar devices.
  • It is extremely cheap and budget-friendly, compared to other cold brew coffee makers.
  • Other brewers on this list make slightly better cold brew.
  • The soft, foamy plastic is not very durable.
  • Lid needs to be screwed tight to prevent leakage.

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4. Cold Brew Coffee Maker Kit from La Table Chic

This is a pretty modern and sleek looking cold brew coffee maker, that comes with a few handy counterparts like an ice-cube tray and no-slip coasters. It provides coffee having 75% less acidity, while preserving all the freshness and aroma of cold brew coffee.

This product provides amazing versatility as despite primarily being a cold brew coffee maker, it also provides the facility of making tea, and enables one to retain the aroma and freshness of the prepared beverage for a minimum of 2 weeks.


  • Filters: The internal central filter is metal made, which is dishwasher safe and has a little fragile appearance.
  • Construction: Its laser-cut double-mesh infuser, BPA-free glass construction, corrosion-resistant stainless steel lid, and dishwasher-safe design will make your life easier than ever.
  • Brewer:The brewer holds 1.5 liters of coffee/tea, and is more durable and thicker than other coffee makers, owing to its borosilicate usage.
  • Cleaning: The fine mesh filter does a great job of keeping the grinds separate and hence the brewer is very easy and convenient to clean.
  • Very easy to use and clean.
  • Can retain the flavor of the prepared beverage for about a fortnight.
  • Versatile ability enables us to prepare both tea and coffee.
  • It comes with some nice accouterments like an ice-tray and non-slippery coasters.
  • The glass is quite thin for a brewer made to hold this much capacity of liquid.
  • It takes 18+ hours in this machine to prepare cold brew coffee, and still it is deficient in caffeine content.

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5. Cold Brew Coffee Maker By Coffee Bear

The Cold Brew Coffee Maker By Coffee Bear is a great cold brew provider at quite an affordable price. The large capacity of this coffee maker which is 44 ounce makes it very useful for people with large families, and along with its glass carafe and perfect design allows it to slide in refrigerator compartments, thus enabling it to store the coffee
concentrate for a long time.

Also, this coffee maker is not messy and is pretty easy to clean and accompanied by a free cold brew coffee recipe e-book containing five amazing, gourmet recipes concocted by a professional chef.


  • Filter: The cold brew pitcher is so easy to use and takes the hassle out of the filtering process. 
  • Carafe: The 44-ounce borosilicate glass carafe is heavy, durable, and 30% larger than typical 1000ml cold coffee brewers.
  • Cleaning: This cold brew coffee maker consists of a filter with a removable bottom cap the brewer can also be disassembled and cleaned in a minute. Also the pitcher is dishwasher safe, thus providing several easy clean facilities.
  • Storage: The borosilicate glass carafe, along with flavor locking lid system, maintains and seals the freshness and flavors of the prepared coffee for weeks.
  • Spilling: This coffee maker features a removable BPA free no-slip base that adds extra grip, protects the glass from accidental bumps, and shields your kitchen counter from coffee spills.

  • The borosilicate glass carafe is tough and durable.
  • Bottom rubber prevents the base from sliding.
  • The parts are easy to take apart and clean.
  • Facilitates long time retention of coffee flavors.
  • Occasionally coffee grounds may seep into the brew.
  • The system is not completely airtight or leakproof.
  • The glass container often does not seal properly.

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6. Coffee Gator Cold Brew Coffee Maker Kit

This coffee maker allows  long-time brewing with cold water, thereby preserving the natural goodness and sweet flavors of the cold brew coffee.

Along with excellent carafe and filter facilities, this coffee maker also provides facilities of free measuring scoop, collapsible funnel, and reusable filter with the cold brew kit, thus enabling clean and clear operations.


  • Carafe: This cold brew coffee making machine comes with a glass carafe, custom funnel, and custom measuring scoop.
  • Filter: This coffee maker consists of a reusable filter, whose cap can be easily rinsed and removed, resulting in easy cleaning operations.
  • Cleaning: The easily rinsable and removable filter, strong and leak-proof lid and collapsible funnel makes this cold brew coffee maker an easy to clean machine.
  • Storage: Its cold brewing facility slows the deterioration of coffee right down so it stays fresh in the pitcher for weeks. Thus it enables one to always have a carafe ready in the refrigerator, for an instant, cool, fiesta of flavor and refreshment.
  • It is capable of making an immense quantity of about 45 ounces of cold brew coffee at a single operation.
  • It is made of BPA free borosilicate glass.
  • Can store brewed coffee concentrate for a long period, thus aiding future consumption.
  • It includes extras like a free measuring scoop, collapsible funnel, and reusable filter, thus making it a very profitable purchase.
  • Consumes a huge time of about 12-24 hours for brewing quality cold brew coffee.
  • The mesh can separate from the frame.
  • Made of very thin and fragile glass, hence is not resistant to rough use.

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7. KitchenAid KCM5912SX Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The design of this cold brew coffee maker is radically different from the Toddy or OXO coffee makers as KitchenAid has made their coffee maker more compact by having the ground beans steep in the same vessel that will dispense the cold brew.

The steeping basket acts like a fine mesh, hence often preventing the need for paper filters. The real quality that makes this coffee maker stand apart from the rest is due to its superior quality of cold brew produced, which is mentioned in almost all of its customer reviews and product analysis.

The coffee maker also contains beautiful, streamlined design with glass and stainless steel components to preserve taste, for easy use and cleaning.


  • Filters: The reusable stainless steel steeper acts as a fine mesh, thereby preventing the requirement of any paper filter. It is labeled with fill level indicators to take the guesswork out of the brewing process.
  • Material Used: Built-in stainless steel tap to dispense your cold brew from your refrigerator, it also aids taste preservation and more importantly easy cleaning.
  • Brew Taste: Many experts have rated KitchenAid as the producer of the best quality cold brew among the mentioned makers list, due to its smooth, rich-bodied flavor.

  • Easily fits in the refrigerator as it brews and dispenses at the same site, thereby making it very easy to store.
  • It contains long-lasting durable steel parts, along with a stainless steel tap.
  • Reusable steel steeper.
  • The stainless steel fine-mesh steeper often leaves behind very fine sediment in your cold brew system.
  • It produces less coffee at one go compared to Toddy or OXO.
  • The bottom of the machine often leaks, thereby resulting in spiling of coffee.

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8. Ovalware Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser

The Ovalware Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser is a simple cold brew coffee maker with an attractive and charming flair about it.

Along with providing good quality cold brew coffee, this coffee maker has an airtight seal and is crafted perfectly to fit into the refrigerator, and along with its glass carafe provides great features for storing flavor and freshness of the produced coffee concentrate for about two months.

The other widespread reason for the popularity of this machine is that other than providing good cold brew coffee, it is also iced and hot tea compatible, thereby making it a great purchase and value for money for traditional beverage lovers.


  • Carafe: It contains a glass carafe that is durable and dishwasher safe. The sides of the carafe are also calibrated to aid serving.
  • Filter: Has a Stainless Steel Filter, which along with the cap are extremely easy to clean.
  • Built-In Features: 18/8 rust-free superfine laser cut filter, medical-grade stainless steel filter & cap, Extra-thick, lab-tested borosilicate glass. BPA-Free silicon airtight seal and dishwasher safe coffee maker are the built-in qualities that it possesses for providing superior user convenience.
  • Storage Capacity: Its airtight seal, glass carafe and perfectly designed model to fit inside refrigerators enhance the coffee concentrate storing capacity of this cold brew coffee maker, thus aiding future use by retention of proper flavors and freshness.
  • Versatility: It Provides features of brewing both cold brew coffee as well as iced and hot tea.
  • Its glass carafe is dishwasher safe and contributes to the retention of coffee flavor and freshness.
  • It is extremely versatile and provides facilities for preparing both cold brew coffee as well as iced and hot tea.
  • Measurements on the side of carafe aid serving and prevent and minimize loss of coffee due to spilling.
  • Convenient to clean and use.
  • It has a small brewing capacity.
  • Leakage complaints from few users.
  • Carafe is made of glass, is fragile and is not supportive of any rough use.

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9. Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Maker & Iced Tea Maker

The Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Maker & Iced Tea Maker is a perfect cold brew coffee maker system for making your favorite coffee beverage: cold brew coffee.

Its one-quart wide mouth mason jar (32 ounces) is perfect for making cold brew concentrate, but that’s not all, as the stainless steel filter also works great as an infuser in a two-quart mason jar (64 ounces).

Though appearance-wise it might seem pretty old and outdated, but that does not hamper its capability of producing some serious quality of cold brew.

The coffee maker consists of a wooden designer lid, heavy-duty filter, and durable glass mason jar which is all-plastic free, thus avoiding any potentially harmful chemicals.

In addition to its features, it also works wonders for tea, thereby making it quite famous among beverage lovers.


  • Filter: Contains a wide diameter stainless steel filter, that makes it easy to stir soaked grounds when initially adding water.
  • Cleaning: This cold brew coffee maker is pretty easy to clean and handle. It requires no shaking, flipping, or twisting as the wooden lid is hand cleanable, filter and jar is dishwasher safe.
  • No Plastic: The entire old brew coffee maker consists of a wooden designer lid, heavy-duty filter, and durable glass mason jar which is all-plastic free, thus avoiding any potentially harmful chemicals.
  • Versatility: Along with providing top quality cold brew coffee, this coffee maker’s filter also works great for making nut milk, loose leaf tea, green tea, black tea, or as a fruit infuser.
  • Its durable glass material is very effective in flavor retention.
  • It provides versatility in the preparation of beverages, working for tea, cold brew coffee nut milk, and others.
  • It has a stylish appearance.
  • Can produce beverages in quantities of both 32 and 64-ounce quantities.
  • The coffee maker suffers occasional leaks.
  • The lid is of a cheap and weak quality, not serving properly for its price.

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10. Filtron Cold Water Coffee Concentrate

With the ability to produce both cold brew as well as hot brew coffee, the Filtron Cold Water Coffee Concentrate is one of the most versatile and useful coffee brewing machines one can ever find.

It consists of a lot of parts like a decanter, Filtron Brewer, Filter Pad, and many others, which causes it to be an absolute boon for users in all weathers.

Despite being able to brew both hot and cold coffee as well as manufacture milk drinks, it is mainly designed to work as a cold brew coffee machine. 


  • Filters: It uses two different filters. One being the one-time usable large paper filter, while the other is the filter that fits in the bottom of the brewing container. The second filter can be used multiple times consistently, provided it is properly rinsed post each use.
  • Power Consumption: It does not require electric power to prepare coffee.
  • Carafe: Contains great carafe, that can be easily cleaned using any dish washing liquid.
  • Shelf-Life: The shelf-life of the coffee concentrate is about 4 weeks, meaning that the produced coffee concentrate can stay right for about 4 weeks inside the refrigerator.
  • It can be used to produce both hot and cold brew coffee.
  • The produced cold coffee concentrate has a shelf-life of about 4 weeks.
  • It offers great cold brew coffee with lower levels of acidity.
  • It has quite an affordable price.
  • This cold brew coffee machine has a hefty weight of about 2.5 pounds.
  • It is divided into various separated parts, thus making them difficult and inconvenient to maintain and handle.

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11. YAMA Glass YAMCDM8CBR, Brown Frame Cold Brew Drip Coffee Maker

The YAMA Glass YAMA CDM8 CBR Cold Brew Drip Coffee Maker is a top-of-the-line coffee maker that includes both fashion and functions. Its curved brown wood supporting a four-tier drip system provides it an extremely elegant and high-end design.

Other than its great design, it also provides great brewing facilities in terms of quality which include about ⅓ rd time consumption compared to normal cold brew coffee machines, and provides the most premium, richest, acid-free, and full-bodied cold brew coffee to its users.


  • Building Materials: Made up of premium hand-crafted Borosilicate glass which is non-porous and does not absorb odors or chemicals, therefore enabling the brew to retain cent percent of its flavor. The stylish wooden tower is made from 100% real wood.
  • Better Taste: It contains an Ice water reservoir paired with a slow drip system that delivers 6-8 cups of premium cold brew ensuring you are extracting the full profile from your coffee grounds more effectively than traditional brewing methods.
  • Filters: It includes 2 types filters, one rinsable permanent ceramic filter that goes into the bottom of the coffee bowl to trap grounds, and some paper filters to place on top of the coffee. The use of the top paper filter is a key to the coffee flavor as it allows the slow distribution of coffee over the entire coffee bowl.
  • Drip Technology: The cold brew drip technology provides superior quality cold brew coffee in about 3-4 hours, compared to the 12-16 hours required for cold brew normal coffee makers.
  • Uses a four-layer drip system to impart 6-8 cups of premium, acid-free, full- bodied cold brew.
  • Takes about 1/3rd the time required to brew compared to other cold brew coffee machines.
  • It is a perfect combination of design and elegance concerning service.
  • Too expensive, preventing most middle-class cold brew coffee fans from using it.
  • Large and heavy, hence difficult to move.
  • Very sophisticated, not meant for rough use.

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12. gosh! 10-Ounce Dripo Cold-Brew Coffee Maker

This cold drip coffee maker uses a unique cold drip method to brew a perfect cup of coffee that brings out the best flavors from your favorite beans, and that too at a rapid pace compared to other similar coffee makers.

Its other massive advantage includes its lightweight and small size, which makes it perfect for carrying purposes, and the benefit plays a large part in overshadowing some of its major drawbacks.


  • Superior Flavor: This cold drip coffee maker uses Dutch or Japanese style slow drip coffee making techniques, extracting the coffee’s natural aromatic flavors without the bitter oils and acids, thus imparting a superior flavor to the cold brew coffee.
  • Filter: It is accompanied by a stainless steel filter, which means a lot of fine grounds in the coffee. Hence often used with placing a paper filter on the top.
  • Cleaning: The bottom of the grounds container unscrews for easier washing and cleaning, thereby making its usage process easier.
  • Time Consumption: This cold brew coffee maker takes only 1.5 to 2.5 hours to produce the cold coffee concentrate as compared to other similar systems that take up to 24 hours, thus adding to its advantages.
  • Portability: This coffee maker is quite small and weighs a mere 1.2 pounds, thus making it quite easy to carry around for trips and other purposes during summers. Hence it is often referred to as the best portable model of a cold brew coffee maker.
  • Small and portable.
  • Its brewing process takes only about 2.5 hours.
  • It is super easy to use and clean.
  • It provides a great quality of cold brew coffee due to its Japanese and Dutch brewing style, which is perfectly suitable for consumption during summers.
  • It can just produce 10 ounces of coffee at a time.
  • The valves often turn out to be problematic, causing difficulty in pouring coffee.
  • Water poured does not dispense properly on the ground coffee.

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Buyer Guide to Select the Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Exclusiveness of the Coffeemaker for Cold Brew Coffee:

Though for most people versatile cold brew coffee makers come as their first preference, because of their ability to prepare either tea or hot coffee along with cold brew coffee, however, for me the exclusiveness of the coffee maker is the priority.

Though exclusive cold brew coffee makers are not very economically beneficial to purchase, they are specially constructed and equipped with special carafe, filters, and rainmakers that enable them to provide the best quality cold brew coffee, which is surely better than the more versatile cold brew coffee makers.

This is a must remember factor for any coffee enthusiast who emphasizes mainly on quality and the OXO Brew Cold Brew Coffee Maker, Coffee Gator Cold Brew Coffee Maker Kit, and some other of the above-mentioned coffee makers fall under this category.


Carafes are an essential part of any coffee maker, and their role further increases in the case of cold brew coffee makers. It is because cold brew coffee takes several hours to brew, and hence are often stored by families to have a sip when desired, as they can’t be immediately prepared when desired.

Now, the carafe is the container in which the coffee is stored, and hence the flavor, fragrance and heat retention, as well as duration of storage of the coffee, depends on its carafe.

Generally thermal carafes help to keep heat, freshness, and flavor intact while glass carafes are comparatively cheaper and not great in terms of coffee retention. 

Hence one must purchase a cold brew coffee maker, considering its carafe according to personal needs.


Normally cold brew coffee takes 12-18 hours to brew properly, but still the brewing time can vary widely depending upon the cold brew coffee machine used. 

While some machines prioritize time and prepare a cold brew as quickly as 3-4 hours, keeping quality on the backseat, some others take as long as 48 hours to provide the best quality cold brew coffee, with the most exotic flavors.

Hence one must consider the brewing time of the cold brew coffee maker before purchasing, according to personal requirements.

Size and Portability:

As cold brew coffee is in wide demand during the summers, especially in the United States, therefore several people wish to carry their cold brew coffee maker wherever they travel, to be able to enjoy and relax with a sip of homemade quality cold brew coffee.

However, this is only possible when the coffee maker is small, compact and portable, and is never possible with huge and delicate cold brew coffee makers like the YAMA Glass YAMCDM8CBR, Brown Frame Cold Brew Drip Coffee Maker. 

Hence one must consider the portability of the coffee maker as per requirements before purchasing one.