Best Iced Coffee Makers

Best Iced Coffee Maker – Top 5 Picks | Cold Brew Vs Iced Coffee

What Is Iced Coffee?

Iced Coffee is just what the name suggests. Iced Coffee is a regularly brewed coffee, served with ice, to serve as an extremely attractive and delicious through flavor dilution.

Although iced coffee is extremely refreshing, it just has one problem that serving ice with coffee generally dilutes the coffee, reducing its caffeine concentration.

Few people enjoy the diluted flavor, but few may not. If you dont enjoy the diluted flavor, then use either additional quantity of coffee bean or stronger coffee bean while brewing the coffee.

Comparison of Top 3 Best Iced Coffee Makers

Cold Brew Vs Iced Coffee

A mistake that a lot of people make is to confuse iced coffee with cold brew coffee, both the types of coffee are quite different from each other.

Features Iced Coffee Cold Brew Coffee
Brewing Method

Iced coffee uses hot water to quickly extract flavor and caffeine, which is then poured over ice. Thus iced coffee is brewed like any other coffee over hot, steaming water.

Contrary to iced coffee, in cold brew coffee the coarse ground coffee is steeped in water at room temperature for about 12 hours or so to extract the flavor.

Brewing Time

Since iced coffee uses heat for extraction of flavor and caffeine, it can be brewed within a very short period of time.

Cold brew coffee takes longer time for flavor and caffeine extraction from the coffee ground,  and hence would take time ranging from 12-24 hours for good brewing.


Iced coffee generally yields a thinner taste and flavor, due to dilution caused by the ice, and has good amounts of acidic content within it.

Cold Brew Coffee contains generally half the acidity compared to iced coffee and other conventional coffees due to its unique brewing style, hence it is easier to digest.


Iced coffee is served after mixing with ice.

The cold brew coffee concentrate can be diluted and served hot or cold, can be served with milk, and can even be sipped without any addition to the concentrate, as per preferences.

Benefits of Iced Coffee

Let us have a look at the benefits of having iced coffee :

  • It is proven that iced coffee is more effective than hot coffee in prevention of heart attacks. It is because iced coffee has a better capability of stabilizing blood pressure
  • Iced coffee has comparatively less quantity of caffeine, due to its dilution.
  • Iced coffee is very easy to prepare, and can be obtained within a very short time.

Top 7 Best Iced Coffee Makers

Here are our picks for the top 7 best-iced coffee makers that are available out in the market.

1. Brentwood KT-2150BL Iced Tea and Coffee Maker

The Brentwood KT-2150BL Iced Tea and Coffee has capacity to brew up to 64 ounces of iced cold coffee at one brewing.

It also contains several features like strength selector switches, reusable filter basket, auto shut-off etc.,


  • Filter: The Brentwood KT-2150BL Iced Tea and Coffee Maker has a reusable filter basket that can easily be removed and cleaned.
  • Strength Selector Switch: This Iced Coffee Maker contains a strength selector switch that enables its users to select the strength and flavor of their brew.
  • Quantity: Can serve a hefty quantity of about 64 ounce iced tea or coffee at one brew.
  • Automatic Shut-Off: It has Automatic Shut-down feature after the brewing process is complete.

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2. Keurig K-Elite Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, With Iced Coffee Capability

This Keurig Iced Coffee Maker is popular for its “Quiet Brew Technology” and unique feature of Brewer Maintenance Alerts. Very easy to handle compared in comparison to other iced coffee makers.


  • Time-Consumption: Its greatest strength is its less time consumption, as it is capable of brewing k-cup pods in under a minute.
  • Removable Drip Tray: This iced coffee maker can accommodate travel mugs up to 7.2 inches tall and hold a full accidental brew for easy cleanup.
  • Brewer Maintenance Reminder: It contains a brewer maintenance reminder that alerts you when it is time to descale your coffee maker.
  • Quiet Brew Technology: This iced coffee maker employs quiet brew technology that minimizes brewing noise when the machine is being operated.
  • Versatility: This coffee maker can brew coffee, tea, hot cocoa, specialty, and iced beverages.
  • Water Reservoir: This coffee maker has a large 75-ounce water reservoir that allows one to brew eight cups of iced coffee before refilling.
  • Pre-Included Stuff: This iced coffee maker contains a bonus 6 count k cup pod variety pack, one water filter handle, and a filter. 

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3. Hario V60 Glass Pour-Over Hot and Iced Coffee Maker

This iced coffee maker consists of a volume of 700ml, and is made of durable borosilicate glass. It comes with transparent glass, also effective mixing the ice from ice chamber. This coffee machine has the capacity to produce 3-4 cups of rich coffee at one brew.


  • Filter: Hario has large curving ribs and a small hole in the center, where paper filters can fit easily. The coffee maker by default provides a Hario white filter.
  • Carafe: The carafe is classy and made of borosilicate glass which is heatproof and sturdy, thus allowing the brew to remain colder for a long period.
  • Glass Dripper: This iced coffee maker comes with a glass dripper to aid serving the brew, which has a transparent silicone ring attached to the top, to cushion contact with the glass carafe.
  • Cleaning: It is widely popular for easy cleaning, and appreciated by many customers.
  • Quantity: Can brew up to 3 or 4 cups of coffee at a time.
  • Inclusions: The product includes a clear silicone funnel cushion attachment for holding ice cubes for making chilled coffee, a plastic measuring cup, and a packet of conical filters.

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4. Hamilton Beach Iced Coffee Maker

The Hamilton Beach Iced Coffee Maker is one of the most convenient coffee makers that is available around the market.

The more exciting fact associated with this iced coffee maker is that it comes with a serving pitcher, and an extremely useful recipe book, consisting of all kinds of iced coffee recipes that you can make.


  • Delicious Iced Coffee Without A Hassle: This Hamilton Beach Iced Coffee Maker is specifically manufactured for people who wish to brew cold and iced coffee quickly. It is capable of brewing up to 2 quarts of iced coffee in about 10 minutes, thus catering its users with instant iced brew.
  • Easy To Clean: This iced coffee maker machine contains dishwasher-safe parts and drip-free pour spout that avoids any mess on your counter top. Also, it has drip-free pouring facilities that reduces the chances of spilling coffee.
  • Storage: This coffee maker contains an integrated pitcher to pour the brewed coffee, and lid for easy storing ability.
  • Inclusions: This Hamilton Beach Iced Coffee Maker comes with an included recipe book, that contains several kinds of iced coffee beverage recipes.

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5. Ninja Coffee Maker for Hot/Iced Coffee

The Ninja Coffee Maker enables the users to prepare amazing and authentic iced coffee within just 10 minutes. This coffee maker contains a stainless steel double-wall Thermally insulated carafe for keeping the iced coffee cool and hot coffee hot.

This coffee maker uses thermal flavor extraction technology to produce the finest flavored brew.

This iced coffee machine includes an 18 ounce hot and cold tumbler, Glass Ninja Easy Milk Frother, 40 recipe cookbook, permanent filter, 5 paper filters, and a Ninja coffee scoop.


  • Carafe: This iced coffee maker contains a stainless steel double-wall thermally insulated carafe that traps in the fresh coffee flavor and keeps the temperature of the stored coffee intact for more than 2 hours.
  • Multi-Serve Dial: Its multi-serve dial lets you to choose a size for the cup, travel mug, half carafe, or full carafe for pouring the coffee.
  • Auto Touch Intelligence: The Auto-IQ One-Touch Intelligence draws just the right amount of water needed from the reservoir based on the brew size and brew type you select.
  • Flavor Extraction: The Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology allows one to dial up the flavor richness level and choose a brew: Classic, Rich, Over Ice..
  • Included Stuff: This iced coffee machine comes along with an 18-ounce hot and Cold Tumbler, Glass Ninja Easy Milk Frother, 40 recipe cookbook, permanent filter, 5 paper filters, and a Ninja coffee scoop.

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Buyer Guide to Select the Best Iced Coffee Maker

Let us have a quick look at the critical factors that one must consider before selecting an iced coffee maker :

1. Exclusiveness Of The Coffee Maker:

Regarding Iced Coffee Makers, many people prefer to choose versatile iced coffee makers, that can serve either tea or hot coffee along with iced coffee. And undoubtedly most of the iced coffee makers available in the market support such multi-functions because of their large demand.

However, on the contrary, we prefer and advise people to choose coffee makers that are exclusively designed for preparing iced coffee because such machines have been built with special focus towards greater ice-mixing capability. Couple of such exclusive iced coffee makers are Hamilton Beach Iced Coffee Maker and the Zoku Grey Iced Coffee Maker.

2. Carafe or Pitcher of the Iced Coffee Maker:

Carafes or Pitchers play an extremely important role for any iced coffee maker, as iced coffee requires special storage facilities to retain its chilling and refreshing qualities.

Hence for storing iced coffee, the carafe or pitcher of the coffee makers must be thermally insulated to maintain its low temperature, as well as must consist of materials like borosilicate that do not absorb any flavor from the coffee. Hence, check the carafe or pitcher before purchasing your iced coffee maker.

3. Portability Of the Iced Coffee Maker:

If you are a coffee addict and want to carry your coffee maker along with you while you travel, then pay special attention towards the size and compactness of the coffee maker. The Zoku Grey Iced Coffee Maker is one of the best compact iced coffee maker you can consider.