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Best Instant Coffee | Top 10 Best Tasting Instant Coffee Brands

Instant coffee is the go to option on days when you just don’t feel like waiting for the pot to brew. There are different flavors in instant coffees for everyone out there to experiment. These packages come in different combos for you to try out and definitely do not cost a lot.

Instant coffee is known for its simplicity and cheap in price, it definitely delivers both those things. In addition, this coffee saves a lot of time in the morning when you have little time on your hands but a coffee is necessary for beginning your day.

Comparison of Top 3 Instant Coffee

Top 10 Best instant coffee mix

Here is a list of some of the best instant coffee packs that will give you lip smacking cups of Joe every single morning:

1. Waka coffee instant coffee 

This coffee brand promises to ‘bring the instant back and these promises do come to fruition. This company gives you delicious, easy to make coffee that works around people’s schedules. They do this by craft like coffee and selling it online through Amazon and their own website.

This instant coffee company comes with three different flavors, a single origin Columbian, a decaf single origin Columbian and last but not the least, single origin Indian. The company also offers different packaging options. A box with a total of 8 single serve packets, a value pack with 3 of such boxes that is 24 packets.

A 3.5 ounce bag and a 8 ounce bag. The company also sells a bamboo coffee spoon, a WAKA coffee branded double insulated tumbler. The brand uses 100% Arabica Beans that not only taste better but also are a little expensive when it comes to Robusta beans blend. These coffee beans are less bitter and richer.

Features of Waka instant coffee

  • The coffee comes with the single origin label which is gaining a lot of popularity in the craft coffee circles.
  • The coffee flavor is recognizable, rich and consistent.
  • This instant coffee is made using the freeze dried method, that is more popular than dry spraying or centrifuge and extracts more flavorful.
  • The company sells pure coffee without any added preservatives or fillers.
  • The company also offers a subscription offer which comes with a 20% discount, thus it saves you cash.
  • The coffee company invests in sustainable packaging and reusable packs.
  • Comes with different serving sizes according to a customer’s needs.
  • This instant coffee can be used with other recipes too such as cakes or ice creams.

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2.Folgers classic roast instant coffee

Folgers is a very popular brand among regular instant coffee drinkers. Plus it is good for hikers and adventure enthusiasts that need the caffeine kick before beginning or continuing their journey. The brand sells with the tagline “Folgers coffee tastes as rich as it looks. This company gives you a mountain grown blend that tastes more aromatic and rich. 

The company uses 100% coffee beans, Robusta and Arabica Varieties. The Folgers classic roast instant coffee comes with four different kinds of brews – mild, medium, medium dark and dark.

The coffee brand offers 6 different flavors for you to choose from, these are: Regular (such as the Classic Roast), Decaf (such as the Classic Decaf), Flavored (such as the Hazelnut cream) Simply Gourmet (such as the Natural Vanilla) , stomach Friendly (such as the Simply Smooth Coffee), Cappuccino Mix (such as the Folgers Cappuccino).

Features of Folgers classic roast instant coffee

  • Folgers coffee comes with a mix of Arabica and Robusta Varieties.
  • This instant coffee is a medium roast blend which is widely accepted by most of the coffee drinkers out there.
  • This instant coffee is one of the most affordable one out of all of its close competitors.
  • Mountain grown coffee beans are some of the best tasting coffee beans out there.
  • This coffee comes in Crystal form so it is ease to dilute in hot water.
  • Comes in a sealed packaging so the taste lasts for a long time. There  are no added preservatives of any kind.
  • It does not have any naturally occurring gluten.
  • It comes in a reusable container.
  • A jar with 85 grams of coffee granules can make up to 45 serving.
  • Easy to use.

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3. Starbucks VIA instant sweetened iced coffee 

Starbucks has been one of the most popular brands when it comes to coffee, be it barista style drinks or ground coffee. Starbucks has also stepped it’s foot in the instant coffee game and is already ahead than most of its competitors.

So more about Starbucks VIA instant coffee, it is the latest innovation by the Starbucks brand and it comes in single serve packets which you can buy anywhere, in grocery stores, select super markets, groceries or convenience stores.

The VIA stands for the Italian word road, that tells you, that you can enjoy your coffee wherever you may be. The Brew comes with both Caffeinated and Decaffeinated options. It comes in 3 different roasts:

The Blond, Medium and Dark Roast. The Starbucks VIA also gives you the option to use k cups that are compatible with Keurig coffee makers.

The brand uses 100% pure Arabica beans, sourced from some of the best coffee growers around the world. This coffee is considered the High Tech coffee of the 21st century.

VIA instant coffee is the combination of dried coffee and micro ground coffee. Starbucks has a lower extraction rate from the beans as compared to its peers.

Lower extraction gives you more flavor, aroma and a rich taste. This explains why this coffee is more expensive than the others, hey it does not comprise when it comes to taste.

There are several blends and flavors, for Starbucks VIA. It has 7 blends which are unsweetened. It also has 3 blends with cane sugar. According to Starbucks Customer service, Starbucks VIA contains about 130 to 140 milligrams but VIA iced instant coffee has double the amount of caffeine per sachet.

So if you want stronger coffee to keep yourself more energized, Starbucks VIA may help. Starbucks does advise you to keep your caffeine intake in moderation.

Features of Starbucks VIA instant coffee:

  • There are seven different blends famous and widely used in United States.
  • Starbucks VIA ICED Instant coffee, VIA vanilla Latte, Starbucks VIA sunrise blonde blend, Starbucks VIA Pike placement coffee, Starbucks VIA verandah blend, VIA ready Brew coffee Columbia, Instant Italian Dark roast.
  • Starbucks VIA comes in various flavors and blends.
  • The company offers three different kinds of roasts; blonde, medium, dark.
  • The coffee extracted is way less drawn out. This gives the coffee a rich flavor and aroma.
  • No added chemicals or preservatives.
  • Made from pure Arabica coffee beans.
  • Easy to use product.

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4. Mount Haegan Organic fair trade instant coffee

Mount Haegan is one of the most popular coffees among adventure enthusiasts or people who love hiking. Mount Haegan brings you organic coffee that is pesticides, herbicides etc. or any other chemical free. The coffee beans are 100% naturally grown. This natural roast gives it a distinct flavor, aroma, richness etc that is liked by many.

Mount Haegan coffee is the world’s first certified organic coffee. The coffee comes from 100% ethically sourced Arabica coffee beans, grown around the world in higher elevations and shaded areas. This instant coffee is a German processed product which uses freeze drying technology in brewing. 

This instant coffee comes in 7 different variants and different sizes. The product comes in a jar of 100 grams of purely organic coffee. The glass container is light and small enough to fit in any baggage or bag pack when you are traveling or camping. This organic instant coffee is a mild roast that is liked by a lot of of the people out there. 

The coffee does not cost a lot and the flavor is pretty decent but not better than the premium coffee brands such as Starbucks VIA etc. The coffee does not have a bitter after taste and does not end up feeling acidic like a lot of cheap instant coffee brands out there.

Features of Mount Haegan Organic fair trade instant coffee

  • The Mount Haegan organic instant coffee is freeze dried.
  • The Mount Haegan instant coffee comes in all kinds of packages and flavors; instant coffee single serve sticks, which is kosher certified. Then comes the organic instant coffee DEECAF single serve ( pack of 25 sticks), even without any caffeine, the coffee tastes full bodied and flavorful. There are a lot of other options available too.
  • This instant choice coffee is spicy and is complex in its flavor.
  • Packed with more anti-oxidants as compared to inorganic coffees from other brands.
  • This coffee comes in variants to choose from. The company offers different sizes and roasts for your choice.
  • The coffee beans are roasted in small batches to seal the aroma and flavor.
  • This organic instant coffee is produced in Germany with some of the finest and most sustainable process.
  • The coffee is unsweetened but sugar and milk can be added. This instant coffee can also be used in a number of other recipes.
  • The coffee is made from single origin Arabica coffee.
  • The coffee has extremely low acidity level and does not have a bitter after taste.
  • This coffee is extremely easy to use.

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5. Nescafe taster&’s choice decaf

Nescafe has been an extremely popular brand all around the world as finest tasting coffee. This coffee is a light medium roast which is in demand by a lot of of the people out there. The company processes it’s coffee using the freeze drying process.

The granular texture instantly dissolves in hot water. It has a strong taste and using a lot of it in a single cup may, make the coffee bitter.

The coffee is low on acidity but still has an acidic level more than its competitors or more expensive options that come in a premium range.

Nescafe’s taster’s choice coffee is a house blend, which comes with a sustainable packaging. This coffee is sold in a glass jar that makes the coffee stay fresh till the very last grain.

This coffee is great for students that do not want to spend a lot of money on expensive baristagood amount of caffeine that keeps you energized for a long time.but still want the full bodied coffee flavor first thing in the morning.  The decaf option has the same level of richness and aroma.

Features of Nescafe taster’s choice decaf

  • The company gives you a house blend with even crystals that instantly dissolve in your coffee.
  • The coffee is mildly roasted for a refined, smooth and we’ll balanced flavor.
  • The company offers various sizes for packaging and it is affordable for anyone and everyone.
  • The coffee comes in a glass jar that locks aroma and flavor. The coffee remains fresh till the very last grain.
  • The coffee is made from 100% pure premium beans that are ethically sourced.
  • This well crafted coffee is made simple and is extremely easy to use.
  • You can simply follow the gives instructions on the packaging. Boil water, add coffee, add creamer, milk and sweetener if required, stir and enjoy a delicious cup of Joe.
  • Each jar makes up to 105 – 106 fluid ounce cups.
  • Decaf is a great choice if you do not want to go for the coffee kick but full bodied cup of beverage.

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6. Douwe Egbert’s pure gold instant coffee

Douwe Egbert’s had never disappointed it’s customers when it comes to coffee. It comes in a variety of different sizing options. The most popular is the single serve sticks that are extremely convenient to use. These sticks are small enough to carry in any bag or purse and these small sticks keep the coffee packet fresh for a long time than regular coffee.

The coffee is granular and chunky gold color, which suggests that is made by the agglomeration process. These granules dissolve easily in hot water. The coffee is not as full bodied as some of the folks would like. The coffee has a good aroma that is strong and robust, which is what Douwe Egbert’s promise.

The coffee tastes extremely close to brewed coffee when a creamer and sweetener are added. It is super easy to use and carry anywhere like hiking or traveling. It just fits right anywhere. It is some of the best instant coffee out there without a doubt. You should definitely give it a try.

Features of Douwe Egbert’s pure gold instant coffee

  • This coffee is extremely easy to use and carry.
  • Douwe Egbert’s is a Dutch coffee and it well respected among its peers.
  • The coffee is made with a blend of a variety of beans.
  • The flavor is a on the lighter side as compared to some other instant coffee options out there.
  •  It is more expensive, but people who swear by its flavors will find it worth the price.
  • Low on the acidity level and does not have a bitter after taste.
  • The coffee comes with both medical roast and dark roast for people to choose from.
  • The coffee comes in a glass jar with rubberized seal and the glass jar is reusable.

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7. Jacob’s Kronung instant coffee

Jacob’s Kronung is a German brand, giving us the best coffee that has a rich flavor and strong aroma. This instant coffee comes with sustainable packaging that keeps it fresh for a very long time. The blend of the coffee beans is some of the best out there. The coffee enthusiasts describe it as rich, aromatic consistently flavorful coffee that you would love to drink morning after morning. It has extremely low acidity and does not have a bitter after taste.  The company roasts the beans on a medium roast but combined with smooth texture and flavor it gives you a unique experience. The Jacob’s Kronung instant coffee comes in two different blends; mild or balanced. You can also choose the decaf option if you do not want the caffeine punch but are still craving a cup of aromatic, flavorful coffee. The company offers different sizes and quantities for you to choose from. Trust me, if you try this once and you love the aroma of coffee, you would not be able to leave it. Features of Jacob’s Kronung instant coffee

  •  The company produces it’s products in Germany and it is the largest coffee seller there.
  • Jacob offers you a variety of instant coffee, from the coffee classic Jacob’s coronation to Jacob’s classic and Jacob’s Gold, Jacob’s instant coffee with the pampering aroma.
  • This instant coffee is made from some of the finest beans, Jacob’s expert roasting is made with the passion of our experienced roast Masters that continually check the roasting process.
  • This instant coffee is quick and uncomplicated, you can enjoy top quality coffee from some of the best growing areas.
  • The soluble coffee is perfect for all hectic situations of everyday life and for all the small breaks in between. You can also enjoy this coffee for traveling and on Vacation.
  • This instant coffee is kosher certified too.
  • A single jar of this coffee is sufficient for 30 to 40 cups of coffee.
  • This coffee comes in a glass jar, which stores the flavors and keeps your coffee fresh for a very long time.

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8. Maxwell house blend French Vanilla, instant coffee

Maxwell Coffee House has been around since 1800s. The coffee is processed in USA itself. It is widely consumed by a lot of households around the country. The coffee is sold to industries and restaurants. Maxwell House, has one of the best aroma than all its peers. The coffee is good stuff for university students, travelers, hikers etc. since it is easy to carry and costs a dime.  You can get it anywhere, at a convenience store, grocery store, gas station etc. It has a smooth texture but the flavor can get better. The coffee is available in a number of flavors and definitely has a unique and addictive taste. It will always give you a delicious cup of Joe, anytime and anywhere you want.  The company has been the heart and soul of its customers since decades. One look at the packaging is enough to form an impression. Features of Maxwell house blend French Vanilla, instant coffee 

  • The company gives you a unique taste that is appreciated by a lot of the customers out there.
  • The Maxwell House’s instant coffee is resalable and gives you about 17 serving with each canister.
  • The company gives it’s customers a variety of flavors to choose from. The most popular one is the French Vanilla Decaf.
  • With every cup of coffee there is a creamy foam layer that builds on top of your cup that resembles a latte.
  • It is great for back Packers and students that have little to no time in the morning but need a caffeine punch to kick start their classes.
  • Each canister is small in size that lasts up to 15 days but keeps your coffee fresh to the very last grain.
  • The price of this instant coffee is affordable.

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9. Anthony’s organic ultra – fine instant coffee

Anthony’s instant coffee is finely ground coffee has been ethically sourced and grown in the hills of Latin America. It is dominating the world of coffee.

This instant coffee is made with Arabica Beans, that gives a strong rich aroma and delicious taste along with a good caffeine punch. This coffee company uses some of the best ingredients and process in the game to produce coffee, thus this coffee is a little pricey.

The coffee dissolves extremely easily and evenly without stirring much all thanks to the micro grounds. It contains all the great features of an instant coffee cup. It falls low on the acidity scale and does not have a bitter after taste. This Pure coffee without any additives will definitely give you some of the best cups of Joe you have ever tasted.

Features of Anthony’s organic ultra – fine instant coffee

  • This coffee brand gives you ultra fine micro coffee granules that dissolve easily in the coffee without much stirring.
  • The coffee is pretty easy to use. Just add 1 teaspoon of coffee in hot water, stir it for about 30 seconds and you are done.
  • The coffee is processed with some of the best methods and nuances, thus it is expensive than other options available in the market.
  • This coffee pack is pure and simple enough for use in any other recipes too.
  • People use it to make home made DIY exfoliating scrub since the coffee granules are ultra fine.
  • The brand has given us a gluten free option that is not available for a lot of instant coffee options in the market.
  • The coffee is organic and is rich in antioxidant rich.
  • The coffee gives you a good caffeine kick that you need first thing in the morning.
  • The company uses some of the finest Arabica Beans, from the hills of Latin America.

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10. Four sigmatic mushroom coffee mix

Four stigmatic’s instant coffee with dark roast is one of the best products to hit the shelves. It is a healthier version of regular coffee for caffeine addicts that want to reduce their caffeine intake. This mushroom coffee has about half the caffeine quantity. The coffee has a really good aroma plus the mushrooms have various health benefits.  These mushrooms also substitute for caffeine by energizing your body and keeping you awake for a longer duration. This coffee is definitely expensive and comes in the premium range like the STARBUCKS VIA. This product is definitely calming to the nerve. It is mentally simulating and highly pleasurable. The founders of this coffee hail from Finland, where medicinal mushrooms are traditional part of their culture. The company has focused on its packaging and the coffee comes in little sachets. The company uses quality that should not be missed by anyone. Features of Four sigmatic mushroom coffee mix

  • The company claims to be a healthier version of regular coffee that improves your gut health and keeps you energized for the entire day.
  • The coffee is expensive and comes in the premium range of instant coffee brands.
  • The coffee promises to reduce inflammation, boosted immune health, improved nerve growth and cognition.
  • It gives you a low dose of caffeine but the mushroom blend keeps you energized for a longer duration without the caffeine withdrawal.
  • The taste of the coffee is unique and has an intense flavor.
  • The aroma and social nature of this coffee makes it the corner Stone of every customer’s routine.

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Buyers guide to select the best Instant Coffee

So here is the a guide for you to buy the instant coffee of your dreams. So, let’s get started:

1. Taste 

One of the prime reasons that people have started to love instant coffee is because, how simple it is to make, but simple is not always the answer.

There are some cheap instant coffee brands out there, which just do not give you the flavor you want. Whatever you do, the flavor or the aroma never gets better.

So it is important that you try and experiment with different instant coffee brands to get the flavor you want. There are a lot of different flavors you can try and go with, too.

2. Additives 

There are a lot preservatives added to products by manufacturers in order to keep the product fresh and long lasting.

They add food coloring, additives to increase shelf life and other chemicals to enhance the flavor and aroma of the product.

Some companies promise that there products are 100% organic but still tamper with these additives.

When you buy any coffee that does not fall in the premium range, kindly check for such additives. These preservatives can mess up with your nutritional health which can be risky.

3. Type of beans and other ingredients 

Although instant coffee is easy to use and make, a lot of work goes into getting the product that reaches your home. The bean to granular crystals process is difficult and involves a lot of steps.

The process involves, roasting at the right temperature and reaching the perfect roast, then extraction of a syrupy extract; you have to make sure that the beans do not burn, then you have to freeze the extraction and then granular dehydration.

With all this process there is still a lot of room for variety. The ingredients and the beans used make the difference. The beans need to be organically grown.

Usually coffee from Arabica Beans taste better than 100% Robusta beans, but Robusta Beans have an intense flavor that is preferred by many.

4. No.Of coffee cups per jar 

You should invest in coffee that lasts at least a month since you do not have the time to hit the grocery store every other week. It is important that you keep in check the amount of coffee each jar of your favorite brand gives you.

Make sure you keep a little extra coffee since you will modify the amount of coffee according to your taste. You can avoid the inconvenience by being more observant.

5. Decaffeinated or not 
It is for people who love the full bodied beverage and the flavor of coffee but do not want the caffeine punch. The caffeine is removed by the process of osmosis or dilution. You can get your preferred coffee in the decaf form too.

There are days when you crave iced coffee but do not want to get all hyper active. Decaf option is good for those days.