Best camping coffee makers

Best Camping Coffee Maker | Top 10 Coffee Makers for Camping

Imagine taking a deep breath amidst wilderness as you tread through the trees and pass beautiful brooks, while washing your worries away. Being alone and enjoying a hot brewed cup of coffee, while watching the sunrise sounds like a perfect weekend getaway plan.

You start packing feeling all excited when you suddenly realize that you cannot carry your everyday espresso machine, it is a lot of equipment and the assembly in itself seems like a cumbersome task.

But do not worry anymore since you have come to the right place, we provide you with a list of some of the best, portable and light weight camping coffee makers out there.

Top 3 Low Cost Camping Coffee Makers 

Key features of an ideal camping coffee maker

You know that a good cup of Joe is all you need to get you up in the morning and keep you going, but the question is do you have to leave behind you precious  beverage during an encounter with nature? Absolutely not! Here are some of the features your camping coffee maker can have that will make it the perfect travelling gear you need.

  1. Lightweight and portable: With all the heavy camping gear, you do not want to carry bulky kitchen equipment all along the rocky roads. Camping coffee makers are made for this exact purpose. Designed for frequent backpackers, they are extremely lightweight and may come with separate casing. Some coffee makers can double as water kettles too. 
  1. Easy to clean and hassle free: Camping coffee makers are specifically designed for one rinse wash that makes it easier to keep the equipment clean for frequent use all through out the trip. 
  1. Economical and range: There is a complete range of camping coffee makers out there suited for everyone’s needs, from as low as 16$ for students and solo travelers to 250$ with additional features for larger groups and families. Some coffee makers also work espresso machines, percolators and drip all in one. Although the price is low, you do not have to comprise on taste during the camping trip.

Top 10 Best Camping Coffee Makers [Review]

10. GSI outdoors java drip collapsible pour over coffee maker

GSI cookware is quite famous among its users in the culinary market. The product gives the comfort of home lifestyle at campsites. The company states,” Our passion is food- food as a way of bringing people together, food as a way of having fun in the outdoors and food as connection to the world around us.” And it does not disappoint.

The JAVA DRIP’S silicone cone brews fresh coffee and collapses to 1 inch high to easily carry anywhere. Set the filter on top of your cup; add any brand of filter/ground coffee, water and get your own drip coffee just like home.


  • Spill Free Brewing: Flexible ring design helps you place it over any cup of your choice for least mess.
  • Transparent base prevents over filling.
  • Made of lightweight silicone material that makes it easily portable any where you like.
  • Shatter resistant.
  • Java drip brews up to 12 steaming cups.
  • Works well for both single backpackers and family plans.
  • Great durability and least wear and tear.
  • Coffee does not leave a bitter after taste.
  • It is not as time efficient as other pour over coffee maker.
  • A little expensive for solo travelers.

This camping coffee maker  is a preferred choice among customers and works well both at home and at campsites. The silicone material makes it lightweight and brewing coffee is hassle free. It is easy to clean and does not leave residue. All in all it is a great product for people who are going on there first nature getaway but brewing aficionados may not like this product.

9. Hario V60 plastic coffee dripper, size 02, clear

This heatproof plastic coffee dripper guarantees great coffee to go, right into your container of choice. It is especially designed for manual, hot water pour over brewing which allows you to choose ideal times and temperature. The customers are quite impressed by the strong flavors they are able to taste after brewing.


  • Comes in ceramic and plastic versions, both being equally functional.
  • Drip Coffee is the most preferred option.
  • Dimensions: – 4.8 x 4.3 x 4.9 ounces.
  • Includes a measuring scoop.
  • Extremely light and travel friendly.
  • Basic operation and elementary design.
  • Needs filter paper, if not placed properly will leave a bitter taste.
  • The handle may come off easily and ceramic cup may crack in the dishwasher.

This is camping coffee maker is well made, sturdy and attractive coffee dripper, but if the coffee is too coarse, then the water may seep too quickly without extracting the real flavor and may have a bitter aftertaste. The drip is extremely time efficient and is a popular choice among solo backpackers.


One of the oldest coffee maker companies out there, the Bialetti Express Moka celebrates more than 80 years of classic design and technological simplicity. It allows the consumers to enjoy great Italian coffee. The eight sided shape allows heat to diffuse profusely to increase the aroma of the coffee.

This camping coffee maker is also known as the Italian way to brew coffee at home and now, on the campsite is easy to use since it comes with clear and detailed instructions. It is a stovetop camping coffee maker which is ideal for outdoor activities


  • Comes in various sizes (3cup, 6 cup, 9 cup and 12 cup).
  • Leaves a rich deep flavor for 2 shots of espresso.
  • Stovetop espresso maker.
  • Economical and worth the money.
  • Easy assembly and cleaning.
  • Versatile and easy to store.
  • Neveryone may not have a gas stovetop.
  • If a consumer likes strong and full bodied coffee then the coffee maker might not produce the given quantity on the packaging.


This camping coffee machine is extremely simple to use and is one step ahead of the cowboy version of making coffee during outdoor activities. It does not give you the authentic American espresso but the coffee tastes good and it is one of my personal favorites on the list.

7. Nutrichef mini portable espresso maker

This is an electric espresso coffee maker using a USB cable which is efficient to use at home as well as outside. Since it is a handheld size machine it is lightweight, compact and portable with a design insulation cup. 

This camping coffee maker weighs only 1.45 lbs and doesn’t require any special maintenance. It is built with stain resistant and ultra quiet operation.

It is easy to use, just put 1 scoop of coffee into filter basket, then connect the outlet head on it, turn the body upside down with outlet head. Pour water into the tank then connect it with main body and then press the button to fill your cup.


  • The machine makes espresso on the go with its compact and portable hand held size.
  • Non toxic, food grade construction with ultra quiet operation.
  • Operating pressure: 8-12 bar with extraction time round 30 seconds.
  • One button operation and easy to carry.
  • The consistency of the espresso shot is praised often.
  • Battery operated and does not need a stovetop.
  • Watermarking to avoid overfill is hard to see.
  • Does not use coarse ground coffee or nespresso pods.
  • Serves only one.


This coffee machine is for the people who are looking for budget camping coffee maker, it just gets the work done and gives you decent espresso shots. It is a good product for students or bachelors who are trying to save money but if you expect to have a perfectly brewed cup of coffee or an authentic espresso shot then this may not be the one for you.

6. OXO BREW venture travel French press with shatterproof tritan carafe

Oxo brew venture is one of the most popular French press coffee makers with advanced technology that is camping friendly and beginner friendly who love their everyday coffee. The French press is a style of brewing coffee ideal for people who enjoy the art as much as their cup of coffee. The French press coffee has a fuller body when compared to espresso but easy to make and takes similar time.

The material of this camping coffee maker is BPA Free triton carafe which is dishwasher safe and easy to rinse. This camping coffee maker is budget friendly and provides with a secondary filter.


  • The tritan carafe is shatter proof and durable.
  • The press has a non slip knob and comfortable handle for easy pressing and pouring.
  • Has an 8 cup capacity.
  • Easy view windows to show current coffee level.
  • Slotted spouts grab any ground coffee if it slips through the prime filter.
  • Budget friendly, given the features
  • Can also serve a large group of people.
  • Double filtration gives delicious brewed coffee without any residue.
  • The gasket plunger may not press all the way.

5. Farberware 47053 classic Yosemite stainless steel coffee percolator

Eurolux products give us the complete ranger of various percolators with minimal design and technology but coffee that is some of the best you taste. No plastic or aluminum, no cords just heavy duty stainless steel which gives untainted pure coffee flavor every time and makes it perfect camping coffee maker.

It is an old school coffee percolator that can be used on propane stovetops. It works the best with coarse ground coffee and experiment with different water levels till you get the taste of your choice.


  • Most preferable for larger groups.
  • 18/8 Stainless steel gives durability.
  • Free filters are included.
  • Brews approximately one cup per minute.
  • Wooden handle provides insulation.
  • Distinct water markings on the inside of the pot make it easy to fill water.
  • Safe for both manual wash and dishwash.
  • Takes time to brew coffee of your taste.
  • There is a bitter aftertaste since this percolator can reduce the acidity.
  • Glass knob may come off in a short while.


There is a learning curve and trial and error is the best way to find your ideal taste if you decide to go for this camping coffee maker. The customer has to learn the technique of perking and may not get their perfect taste from the get go. So you may have to give it a little while to get your hands set if it is the first time you are using a stovetop percolator, once you have mastered it, you will not regret buying it.

4. Coleman camping coffee maker

Coleman coffee makers have existed for more than 100 years ago with a varied range of features to offer. This one makes drip brewed coffee anytime, anywhere. It is a propane stovetop model that can fit on a 2 burner or 3 burner stoves easily. This particular camping coffee maker not preferred by solo travelers, since the gear is quite bulky but large groups travelling in cars or RVs can fit this model easily.

This camping coffee maker can brew upto 10 cups of coffee in one go, once the water starts to boil, the water will move through the filter itself into the glass decanter.


  • For campers who can’t wait for the entire brew cycle to finish, there is a PAUSE and SERVE feature which lets you do that, without making a mess.
  • Large reservoir allows you to brew 10 cups at once.
  • Removable swing out filter basket fits 8-12 cup filters.
  • Steel base can fit on traditional 2 burner or 3 burner stove top.
  • Easy brewing without spillage.
  • Works well in power outage, which is ideal for most campers.
  • Expensive than most of the propane stovetop coffee makers.
  • Not quite time efficient.
  • Bulky to carry around without case.


This camping coffee maker is one of the most trusted among customers that regularly attend RV rallies or camp. Does not need any power to work but propane is expensive enough. The coffee tastes as good as any other coffee maker, so if one is looking out for sturdy built coffee makers for larger groups, COLEMAN can be a good choice.

3. Primula brew buddy portable pour over

The patented brewing technology and slim design is ideal for campers that want to connect with nature and do not want to use resources. The sturdy design provides durability ideal for hiking of mountain climbing.

It allows you to brew coffee in as little as 30 seconds. The reusable extra fine mesh filter ensures no grounds end up in your coffee. All you need is a cup, some coffee and hot water to use this particular camping coffee maker.


  • Extremely easy to clean, just invert it to take out the coffee residue and rinse it under water.
  • Saves money and hassle, completely eliminates the need for reusable paper filter, coffee pods, carafes, k cups or electric coffee makers.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Cheap and budget friendly for solo adventurers.
  • Leaves little residue.
  • Compact design can fit it in a purse or pocket.
  • Nylon thread may have lose ends after a few uses that can be re stitched.
  • Does not work well with fine ground coffee.


All in all, this coffee maker is a great gadget that is handy to enjoy a good cup of Joe anytime for travelling and coffee snob. Compact, budget friendly, minimal technology and elementary design makes this machine an all-round camping coffee maker.

2. Eureka! Camp café camping coffee maker

Eureka has been making camping gear since 1895 and with their premium range of coffee makers; you can enjoy your perfect brew in the midst of trees. It features a 2.5 liter flux ring boiling pot, 1.8 liter coffee carafe with lid, pour over filter.

After coffee is made, the 2.5 liter camp café boiling pot can double down as cooking workhorse for cooking stews, curries, soups etc.  The 12 cup carafe is time efficient and leaves a little silt giving you full body, flavorful coffee.

The flux ring is an excellent feature with increased surface area in the bottom, which makes it possible to heat conveniently shaped vessel with extremely high efficiency.  This reduces boiling time and increases fuel efficiency which is one of the key features of a good camping coffee maker.


  • Works on propane stovetop with push button ignition technology.
  • Nesting technology stores the pour over coffee filter within the coffee carafe and fold the handles, nest it inside the cooking pot and then top it with the lid.
  • Flux ring technology on pot boils water twice as fast as a standard kettle.
  • Although looks bulky but is easy to carry.
  • Time efficient; brews 60 ounces of coffee in 6 minutes.
  • Nesting technology makes it compact and easy to carry.
  • Although works well on direct flames, cannot go above 12000 btu, so advised not to heat directly over campsite fire as it can damage the fins.
  • Silicone may fall off easily.


Great camping coffee maker with so many additional features, that it makes one hell of a camping gear. The set up is easy to use and you can carry it around without any hassle. You can simultaneously use it to cook food and it does not get better than this. Works wonders for large groups and can also be enjoyed by solo travelers.

1. Aeropress coffee and espresso maker

This camping coffee maker has been the top pick for millions of people out there for years now; coffee makers don’t get better than this. It has been popular with coffee enthusiasts worldwide with the best technology that is total immersion brewing process to make delicious full flavored coffee without any bitterness and low acidity.

Aeropress has paper micro filter technology that eliminates grit, which makes cleaning the equipment a matter of a few seconds. It can give 1-3 cups of coffee per minute, which saves a lot of time during camping, backpacking etc. it includes the Aeropress funnel, scoop, stirrer, 350 micro filters and filter holder.


  • Reduces acidity from ground coffee up to 30%.
  • Comes with a zipper nylon tote bag which is great for traveling.
  • Unlike a French press, it can also brew, espresso shots for lattes, cappuccinos etc.
  • Minimal amount of ground coffee as residue.
  • Comes with additional features such as stirrer, micro filter, funnel, scoop etc.
  • Quick 10 second stir leads to great extraction for full flavored coffee.
  • Rubber seal has a lifespan of 750-1000 cups after which it may come off.
  • The assembling instructions are not so clear.


 If you are a serious coffee enthusiast who is searching for the one true camping coffee maker that can give them their perfectly brewed concoction first thing in the morning without any hassle, then AEROPRESS coffee maker I designed just for you. It can not only give you French pressed coffee but also authentic American espresso shots. It has been a real game changer for many people around the world.


Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Best Camping Coffee Maker

Although this list provides you with detailed information on some of the best camping coffee makers out there but s a buyer you should be well aware of your needs. Some of these may cater to your requirements and some may not. So, some planning and researching will make you go a long way and may even save you money in the long run.

  • How many people can the coffee maker serve: It is one of the most important questions as we don’t want large number of people depending single serve coffee maker.
  • Check durability, design and space usage: If the assembly is complicated it may take awhile before you can get your cup of coffee in the morning and if using the coffee maker in harsh weather conditions check for durability.
  • Time efficiency: At home you can catch up on a busy morning by visiting your local café and getting a cup of coffee but for outdoor activities you have to rely on your equipment and schedule. Hence, picking a camping coffee maker that can make your coffee fast is one of the critical factors you need to consider.
  • Check the functioning: Know well before time, whether you’re your coffee maker is suitable for stove tops or does it need electricity to function.

Depending on the facilities available at the camping space, you need to pick appropriate camping coffee maker so that your coffee making becomes peaceful.

  • Spill proof: if your coffee maker is hand held size that doubles down as a container then check for leaks or any spillage. Mostly, you will carry your camping coffee maker in your back packs, and hence, ensure you pick the right coffee machine that has strong spill proof material.
  • Gets cleaned without any hassle: Some coffee makers are infamous for residue left behind, that take a lot of time and water to clean. This can create a big mess during a camping trip; hence check beforehand the cleaning instructions of your preferred camping coffee maker.