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Top 11 Best Coffee Makers with Grinder [In depth Review]

Coffee maker with grinder and adjustable settings is a wonderful asset for a large number of people considering the features it offers. 

Comparison of Top 3 Coffee Makers with Grinder

Top 12 Coffee makers with grinders [Review]

Here is a list of some of the best coffee makers with built in grinders. Hope, this list will help you to find your preferred kitchen appliance.

1. Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker with Grinder

Breville has been the top choice for years among coffee lovers out there. The brand never fails to impress, with its excellent features and amazing design. It looks great sitting on kitchen countertops and adds a modern touch to the space.

This coffee maker with grinder comes with an adjustable grinder accompanied by calibration feature which allows you to grind the coffee just before brewing it. 

It also comes with customizable grind settings where you can adjust the grind size and volume according to your choice. The machine comes with eight different strength settings plus the option of using pre ground coffee without grinding coffee beans is always available.

The coffee maker comes with a stainless steel carafe where you can adjust the number of cups you want to brew. It also comes a LCD screen for easy operation. It comes with the steep and brew Technology which allows you to brew any size any time.


  • The coffee maker comes with a pre brew temperature control feature which allows you to deliver water at the ideal temperature, from the   cold start.
  • It also comes the programmable auto start feature that automatically starts operation at the selected time.
  • It comes with a ½ pound bean hopper with a locking system that seals the base for easy coffee bean storage.
  • Removable 7.5” drip tray that can easily fit tall cups and travel mugs.
  • The integrated burr grinder preserves the flavor and essential oils of the freshly ground beans.
  • It comes with a variety of brewing sizes, from single cups to a complete pot.
  • Intuitive calibration technology gives the best cup of Joe.
  • Simple Operation with LCD display.
  • Sleek design.
  • 8 different strength settings.
  • BPA FREE materials.
  • Coffee chute gets clogged immediately.
  • The bean hopper design is not good.

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2. Delonghi Magnifica Esam 3000 Coffee Maker with built in Grinder

This brand is popular with a lot of the customers out there. This super automatic Espresso machine gives you both the option of getting your caffeine kick from an espresso shot or a hot cup of Joe. Now you can work on your latte art or perfect your frappes, machiatos etc. The body of this coffee maker has a sleek touch with a black and silver color scheme.

It gives you a lot of customizable setting options. This espresso/coffee maker gives you the option brewing two shots of espresso at the same time. This coffee maker comes with a cappuccino maker that can quickly whip up a cappuccino or hot milk. The machine is easy to use with its simple interface for grind settings.

The appliance comes up with a compartment to store coffee beans.It also gives you the option to use pre ground coffee with a single button use. The machine comes with a Thermoblock feature that lets the machine heat up only the required amount of water for next coffee serving. The most attractive feature is the  feature, that lets you save energy.


  • Pre programmable coffee making feature.
  • Low pitch burr grinder with a variety of grinding settings.
  • High performance 15 bar pump pressure.
  • A variety of customizable settings to brew the preferred cup of coffee.
  • Easy to use rotary and push button control feature with programmable features.
  • Electronic steam and thermostat for adjustable control panel.
  • Easy operation and cleaning without any hassle.
  • Reliable bean to cup coffee maker.
  • The storage compartments for coffee beans and ground coffee are great.
  • Nice design and build quality.
  • The machine is quite expensive.
  • The on/off switch is at the back of the machine.
  • Grinder is extremely loud.

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3. Cuisinart Brushed DGB 625BC fully automatic Coffee maker with Grinder

For all the coffee lover out there, this Cuisinart product maybe just the right choice. The grind and brew coffee maker is fully automatic and delivers delicious cups of coffee every time. It has an eye catching design with an excellent color scheme.

The brushed metal finish is aesthetically pleasing, which makes your kitchen look extra appealing. It comes with a 12 cup glass carafe, that makes it easy to brew multiple cups at a time. It also has a one to four cup feature integrated. It comes with the Brew Pause feature which lets you brew a single cup if you are in a hurry.

The grinder grinds the coffee beans according to your choice and extracts all its flavor to give your coffee the nuanced taste down to the very last sip. It comes with a large control panel which makes operation extremely easy.

The machine comes a 24 hour fully programmable touch display with the auto shut off feature. The gold tone commercial filter is reusable which adds to the convenience of the user.


  • The coffee maker also comes with a measuring scoop, a brush and 4 basket filter papers.
  • It automatically grinds whole coffee beans before brewing.
  • 24 hour advance fully programmable with auto shut off feature.
  • Grind off feature for 1-4 cups.
  • Charcoal water filter to remove impurities.
  • Gold tone permanent filter.
  • Brew pause feature that lets you enjoy a cup before, the brewing cycle completes.
  • Functionality and performance is excellent.
  • Sleek built and design that looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • Offers complete control over strength of coffee.
  • Blade grinder is used in the integrated grinder.
  • Cleaning is a hassle.

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4. Mr.Coffee Grind and Brew single serve Coffee Maker with Grinder

Mr. Coffee has an amazing range of kitchen appliances according to different people’s choices. This bean to cup machine intensifies the taste in your cup.

The machine is easy to use with a one touch operation. It also gives you the choice of switching off the grinder and using pre ground coffee.

It has an adjustable cup tray that can accommodate cups of various serving sizes. It also includes a large sized permanent filter to ensure optimal blade performance that is time efficient and easy to clean.


  • Maximum capacity is 16 ounces.
  • Adjustable cup tray to accommodate cup of various sizes from travel mugs to small splash free brew cups.
  • Comes with a stainless steel travel mug.
  • Permanent filter and grinder with auto shut off.
  • Dishwasher safe filter basket.
  • Environment friendly appliance.
  • Perfect for grinding and brewing one or two cups.
  • Compact size so storage is easy.
  • Grinder makes a loud noise.

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5. Black and Decker 12 Cup grind and brew coffee maker with built in Grinder

Black and Decker products are an amazing choice for a lot of its users. If you are looking for economical choices but do not want to comprise with the taste, then this is the way to go. It is extremely time efficient. It quickly grinds and brews the coffee according to your taste.

This machine comes a pre programmable feature for those users who have a busy schedule. The coffee maker  with grinder lets you pre set the grinding settings and brewing options. You also have the option to, use pre ground coffee rather than grind your own beans.

You can also adjust the strength settings. It has an easy to use interface, with a display panel to provide you with real time feedback. This coffee maker comes with a glass carafe with a capacity to brew up to 12 cups.

You do not need to use paper filters since it comes with a permanent filter that is attached to the built in grinder which makes it eco friendly. You can use the sneak a cup , feature to serve yourself a single cup, before the complete pot brews.


  • 24hours quick touch programming for ease of use.
  • Built in grinder attached with a permanent filter.
  • The filter is easily removable and can be rinsed.
  • Non stick keep hot carafe plate, with a glass carafe that has a 12 cup capacity.
  • The auto brew feature and the Sneak a cup feature.
  • Backlit display with customizable strength selector. 
  • Nice design with excellent features.
  • Basic operation and easy to program.
  • Settings to regulate the strength with pre programmable feature.
  • There have been a lot of complaints about carafe leakage.

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6. Capresso 487.05 coffee team digital coffee maker with grinder

This espresso/coffee maker with grinder is a great choice for beginners that want good tasting coffee under a budget. It will give you an amazing bean to cup experience. It has a sleek stainless exterior,with a lot of advanced features.

It allows you to start straight from the beans and gives you an excellent cup of coffee full of flavour and great aroma. It has a professional quality burr grinder that traps in the flavors and delivers it straight to your coffee. The grinder has a two step grind and clean process that ensures no coffee grinds remain stuck in the grinder.

It gives you the option fully adjusting your grind strength to match your coffee brewing settings. It gives you the 24 hour advance brew feature with programmable clock timer with easy to read display. It comes with a permanent gold tone filter. The coffee maker uses a glass carafe with a 12 cup brew capacity.


  • Permanent gold tone filter.
  • 12 cup glass carafe with easy to use handle and brew through lid.
  • Solid steel conical burr grinder with two part grind and clean process.
  • Special oily bean setting for slow feeding dark roasts.
  • Fully removable water reservoir.
  • Auto shut off and 24 hour advance setting feature.
  • Offers rich flavored coffee every time.
  • Two-part grind and clean process.
  • 12 cup glass carafe.
  • Removable water reservoir and removable bean canister.
  • Quite expensive.

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7. Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind Automatic Coffee Maker

This Cuisinart product is another great option for coffee snobs out there. This coffee maker with built in grinder is highly intuitive and user friendly. It has a smart and sleek design with a polished silver metal surface that looks excellent on kitchen counter tops.

The burr grinder grinds coffee and prevents the essential oils of the coffee beans from escaping.It has a thermal carafe with up to 12 cups capacity that can serve an entire family.

The carafe walled which locks the heat from escaping keeping the coffee warm for a long time.The bean hopper is large enough to hold 8 ounces of coffee beans. It comes with strength selector and grind control options which allows you to adjust the intensity and volume of your coffee. It gives you the option to choose from three strength settings; strong, medium and mild. 

You can pre ground coffee and switch off the grinder when not in use. It allows you to use permanent charcoal filter which extracts the flavor and aroma of the coffee. It also gives you the 24 hour advance programmable feature, auto shut-off and auto brew feature.


  • Double wall insulated stainless steel carafe.
  • Brew pause, auto shut off feature.
  • 12 cup capacity.
  • Brushed stainless steel finish.
  • Charcoal water filter and gold tone filter.
  • Worth the price.
  • Sleek design with metal finish.
  • Thermal carafe.
  • Difficult to clean.
  • Overflowing issues.

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8. Krups KM785 D50 Auto Start Coffee built-in grinder

This brand has risen to popularity in the last decade, with an excellent product range. It is compact in size and has a small footprint but gives its users extreme comfort and convenience.

You can get a cup of coffee any time, anywhere you want, with fully automatic operation.This 10 cup coffee maker with five different grinder settings that go from coarse ground to fine ground.

This coffee maker also comes with a 2-10 cup selector feature for more control. The control panel is highly intuitive which makes operation easy and comes with a LCD display. The strength selector feature makes this coffee making experience flawless.


  • The coffee maker comes with three different strength selector features; strong, medium and mild, choose among these three options according to your preferred taste.
  • You can brew coffee for up to 10 people, but it also comes with 2-10 cup selector.
  • This grind and brew coffee maker comes with a keep warm coffee for 2 hours.
  • It also comes with a pause and serve feature.
  • It comes with a gold tone filter feature.
  • The machine is low Maintenance.
  • Stylish compact designs with small footprint.
  • Auto programming is an excellent feature.
  • Gold tone filter.
  • The bean holder is quite small.
  • The carafe is not durable.
  • The machine is a bit loud.

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9. Cuisinart 12 cup grind and brew coffee maker with Grinder

Cuisinart has been a tried and tested brand for a lot of customers for a lot of decades. The products are top notch and come in a wide range. Products come in sleek design and easy assembly that looks good sitting on a the kitchen counter. It checks all the boxes.

This coffee maker comes with a lot of additional features and the burr grinder which gives you a great flavor.You can change the grinder settings and adjust the coffee strength according to your needs. 

There are three options to choose from; bold, medium or mild cup of coffee. The amazing thing about this coffee maker with built in grinder is that if you have pre ground coffee then you can turn off the burr grinder and brew a fresh pot of coffee. 

There is a pause feature that helps you brew a cup of coffee before you brew an entire pot , if you are in a hurry. This coffee maker also comes with a bean hopper that has a lid which can keep your coffee beans fresh before grinding them.


  • This coffee maker is a family size carafe, that can brew up to 12 cups of coffee.
  • It has ½ pound coffee bean hopper with a lid that can keep your coffee beans fresh for a long time.
  • This convenient equipment delivers bean to cup brewing functionality.
  • This coffee maker gives you the option of three different strengths; mild, medium and strong.
  • The integrated burr grinder grinds coffee to extract maximum and aroma.
  • This coffee maker comes with 24 hour advance programming feature with auto shut off.
  • The grinder settings like fine tune intensity and volume are excellent features.
  • The ½ pound bean hopper keeps the coffee beans fresh.
  • You can brew an entire pot of coffee.
  • The glass carafe does not keep the coffee warm for a long time.
  • If the grinder is not cleaned properly, then it makes noise which is annoying.
  • The grinder chute lid is complicated to operate.

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10. Saeco Incanto Carafe Super automatic espresso machine with Grinder

This Coffee Maker with built in grinder is an excellent product choice that you got to have it for yourself. If you love espresso shots just like me then this product will prove its worth.

You can grind your own coffee beans and brew your shots to make frappes, lattes, cappuccinos etc. without any hassle.The ceramic grinder extracts maximum flavor and aroma from the beans.

These grinders 100% guarantee moments of pure coffee indulgence for years to come.This ideal grind allows water to flow steadily extracting the purest essence of the beans. Unlike other grinders, ceramic material prevents the beans from overheating and having a burnt aftertaste.


  • Enjoy hot coffee in no time with the quick heat boiler, when time is of the essence you can brew perfect espresso all thanks to this boiler.
  • You can also get velvety foamed milk with classic milk frothier. The classic milk frother is for those who love to assume the role of master craftsman and whip up beverages within seconds.
  • You can also have decaffeinated coffee with powder option giving you the amazing espresso experience without the caffeine kick.
  • The coffee machine comes with a programmable stand by option and auto shut off.
  • It comes with a auto cleaning feature that helps you clean up without any hassle and increases the longevity of the coffee maker.
  • The brewing group is easily removable and can be cleaned in no time.
  • You can also control the richness with 5 grinder settings, giving fine ground coffee.
  • It also comes with the strength control option giving you a cup of Joe with your preferred choice.
  • This coffee maker also comes with a memo feature where you can save the settings of your preferred choice.
  • The strength control and temperature settings give you the room for experimenting with you coffee cup.
  • It comes with a decaffeinated coffee powder option.
  • You can get frothy coffee with velvety milk foam option.
  • The integrated grinder is made of ceramic material, keeping the beans at the right temperature for grinding.
  • The bean sensor may report ‘no beans’.
  • Without proper cleaning, coffee gets stuck in the inner machinery and the coffee maker may stop working.
  • The coffee filter is expensive but lasts up to 6 months.

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11. Breville barista 870xl stainless steel (integrated Conical Burr

There is no doubt about this espresso maker, that will make it worth the investment but for me what stands out the most are the ESPRESSO PRESSURE GAUGE and SAVE SETTINGS.

You can grind your coffee, using your preferred coffee beans and flexible settings. Then you can save these settings to use them for the next time or every time from there on.

There is also an LCD display, that makes the usage really easy. The porta filter helps you measure the exact amount of ground coffee needed for brewing the perfect single or double espresso shots. 

The dual wall pressurized filters regulate pressure and increase extraction from ground coffee up to optimal levels. As an experienced espresso brewer you would enjoy single wall non pressurized filters that help you to set your preferred grind sizing, amounts and tamping pressure.

There is a thermocoil heating system which accurately adjusts the water heating temperature. There is also a pre brew feature that distributes coffee uniformly through the coffee pluck. The Grinder is automated so it will automatically stop as soon as the required amount of coffee gets extracted.


  • The coffee machine comes with a conical burr grinder that grinds coffee evenly and gives the coffee a delicious flavor.
  • The dual and single wall pressurized wall filters give you the choice of brewing a single or a double espresso shot.
  • The grinder setting dials are easy to use.
  • The pressure gauge comes with a espresso shot range that helps you brew the desired shot.
  • The milk texturing feature helps you to experiment with latte art and other milk coffee beverages.
  • It offers the different strength settings.
  • The pressure gauge allows you to make the perfect espresso shot.
  • You can save up to 8 customized settings.
  • The thermocoil heating adjust water heating temperature.
  • Pre brew feature is an excellent add on.
  • LCD Display makes usage extremely easy.
  • The machine has a sleek design but it is tall so it may not fit in small spaces.
  • Cleaning can be a hassle since it needs to be decalcified frequently.
  • It can only brew up to 20 espresso shots in a day.

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Buyer Guide to buy the Perfect Coffee Maker with Grinder

Here is the curated list of all important factors that will make a coffee maker with a built in grinder, your ideal choice

1. Grinder settings

It is an extremely important feature, considering you are grinding your own coffee beans before brewing a cup of Joe. The strength and coarseness the are the two most important thing settings while grinding coffee. The coarseness decides the flavor palate of your drink. There is a learning curve with the grinding settings.

You need to get your hands on it and use the trial and error method before you achieve the grind of your preferred choice. With each equipment, there is a different combination of settings. So check the different coffee makers and make sure you are comfortable with the setting control.

2. Footprint

The kitchen equipment market is filled with a wide range of coffee makers with different sizes and styles, which are suitable for different kinds of people. Some of these coffee makers fulfil your coffee needs but take up a lot of space and clutter kitchen counters and are not particularly eye pleasing.

There are other equipment with great footprint, fit right in the space, look great sitting on the kitchen counter with sleek and simple design but cannot fulfill your coffee needs. So in order to checklist both the things, the sizing option and the coffee demands it is important that you are aware of the space that is available for the equipment.

Whenever you are purchasing a new equipment and when it something big like a coffee maker with a grinder, it is always necessary to keep a rough figure of the dimensions you are going forward with.

3. Easy cleaning

Sometimes cleaning a coffee maker can be a bit of a hassle for a lot of people. Some coffee machines have the indicator light, in order to indicate that the equipment requires cleaning. Cleaning inside out can be a bit of a hassle especially with big equipment like these.

There is scale formation due to extensive use of water with minerals and the machine needs to be decalcified frequently to keep it working properly. So make sure you pick up a kitchen appliance that does not require extreme care since you would have to devote a lot of time from your busy schedule. Keeping an equipment up and running can be hard so invest in an appliance where cleaning is that big of a hassle.

4. Additional features

With every additional feature, the price of the equipment increases. These features can prove to be excellent add-ons to your coffee brewing journey. You can have an espresso shot settings and play around with the pressure and get an excellent batch of your own espresso.

You can use the milk frothier and milk steam wand settings to practice and perfect your latté art. You can also make your own frappes, cappuccinos, mocha lattes, americanos etc. There are coffee makers where you can save up to 7 or 8 customized settings and the next time you use your coffee maker, you can just press the setting and get your preferred cup of Joe.

5. Beverage making options

As mentioned before, a lot of the coffee makers give you the option of experiment with various drinks, you can work on your latté art or brew the perfect batch of espresso. Some coffee makers also have the
option of over ice coffee.

You can try coffee with different strengths and styles like bold, rich, gourmet etc. Remember, sky is the limit when you have your own coffee maker with built in grinder. You can grind your roasted coffee beans and make any kind of drink you want.

6. Advance programming and auto shut off

This feature is an excellent addition for people who are always in a hurry. This feature saves a lot of your energy and time. If you want a good cup of Joe first thing in the morning, all you have to do is set the time up to 24 hours in advance and the machine will start brewing and a cup of coffee will be ready before you open your eyes.

You don’t even have to worry about whether you shut off the equipment or not since, the machine takes care of it. Various coffee makers have auto shut off option 30 minutes after the pot has been brewed.

7. Serving size

Various coffee makers come with various serving sizes, there is a whole range out there for you to experiment with. You can go for a single serve coffee maker if you prefer drinking a single cup or you don’t mind brewing another cup again.

If you are someone who may drink coffee several times in a day then go for dual or 4 cup coffee makers. Some coffee makers offer you several sizing options from single cups to travel mugs and full pots for big families. You can choose anything you want.

8. Coffee strength

You can adjust the coffee strength according to your choice. If you want to go for intense flavors you can go for ‘rich’ or ‘bold’. If you are craving a nuanced cup of coffee you can go for ‘gourmet’.

Some coffee makers have the option of making espresso shots, for ex. Breville barista bes870xl that will give you the option to adjust the coffee strength for your espresso shots and also gives you the choice to choose between a single or double shot.

Frequently asked questions about coffee maker with built in grinder

We have taken BREVILLE BARISTA as a reference for the tips provided below since, breville is one of the top choices.

How to clean the coffee maker with grinder?

Periodic maintenance is extremely necessary in order to ensure that your espresso maker delivers extremely nuanced coffee for a long time without any additional repairs. Decalcification is necessary once a month. Replace the water filter after every two months. To run the cleaning cycle, when the clean me light comes up.

  • Insert 1 CUP filter basket in the portafilter. Then insert the cleaning disc followed by an espresso machine cleaning tablet. Then twist the portafilter to lock it into the group head.
  • Place a container under the group head. Fill the water tank with cold water and keep the drip tray empty. Press the Power Button to turn the Machine off.
  • Press the 1 cup and 2 cup button simultaneously with the Power Button. H
  • old all 3 buttons together for about 10 seconds.
  • This will start the cleaning cycle for the next 5 minutes.
  • Once the cycle completes, there will be 3 beep sounds.
  • Water may pour out of the group head, but that is normal. Remove the portafilter and ensure the tablet has dissolved completely.
  • Repeat the process until the tablet dissolves.

How to replace water dispenser in the coffee makers with built in grinder?

The water filter provided with espresso machine reduces the scale build up in many inner components of the machine. Replacing the water filter every two months reduces the chances of decalcification. Remove and discard the old water filter.

Soak the water filter in a cup of water for about five minutes. Then rinse under cold running water. Wash the filter with cold water specifically the stainless steel mesh. Insert the water filter into parts of the filter holder. Set date dial two 2 months from then on.

To assemble the water filter in the water tank, align the base of the water filter holder with the adapter inside the water tank. Push down, this will lock the filter into place. Slide the water tank back into to the machine into position, ensuring to push down completely to lock into place.

How to descale the coffee makers with grinder?

The descaling process should be carried out at least once every month. Remove the portafilter and place a large container under the group head and steam wand. When it reaches the brewing temperature and all the button have illuminated, press and hold the 1 CUP button to start a manual pour. 

Release the button one half the white vinegar and water mixture has run through the group head. Set the hot water dial to steam position. The steam will run through the steam wand for about 1-2 minutes. Come back to the Standby position. If some mixture remains in the water tank, press and hold 1 CUP button to start a pour.

Release the button once the tank is empty and nothing comes out of the group head. After the decalcification process remove the water tank and rinse it under water and fill it with cold water. Then run this cycle using plain water and following the above steps, repeat again.

What type of water should be used in coffee makers with built in grinder?

Water plays an important role to give the espresso shot the right flavor. Also, the correct kind of water will reduce the chances of calcification which will save you from frequently descaling the espresso machine.

Breville USA does not recommend highly filtered or demineralized water such as reverse osmosis, ultra filtered, and zero filtered water.

The machine is not designed for such water types, since there is too little mineral that is required for the sensors within the machine to operate.

If someone is using such water add a little amount of tap water while filling the tank. Otherwise you can use normal tap water to fill the water reservoir and the machine will operate easily.

Which filters work best for coffee makers with grinder?

With the Breville barista espresso maker, the bester filters will be breville charcoal resin filters. Although these filters are a little expensive, but avoid clogging and keep water impurities far away. This improves the taste of the espresso shot significantly.

There are dual wall pressurized water filters that regulate Temperature and then come single wall non pressurised filters that give a lot more room to experiment with the settings. Both filters will work equally well.