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Top 10 Best Low Acid Coffee Brands | Review | Buyers Guide

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If drinking coffee is part of your daily routine then you would also experience acid reflux and stomach problems due to the acid present in coffee. The acid is the reason why many people love it but is also the reason to cause acid reflux and burning sensation in the stomach. 

The best way to get rid of this problem is by taking low acid coffee. Low acid coffee contains less amount of acids and is perfect for a daily routine.

Generally, coffee has a pH of 4.5 and drinking coffee daily can cause burning sensations in your stomach and also drinking coffee on an empty stomach might cause problems. Drinking both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee can cause burning sensations.

What is Low Acid Coffee?

The Coffee processed to have pH of 5 and above through brewing and roasting is called Low Acid Coffee. pH 7 is considered to be the best Low Acid Coffee.

The normal coffee has a pH of 4.5 but low acid coffee has a pH of 5 which indicates less acid in the coffee.

Low acid coffee is normally suggested to people who suffer from acid reflux or gastrointestinal problems. Low coffee acid decreases the amount of gastric acid in the stomach and also decreases esophageal pressure reducing stomach irritation and gastrointestinal problems.

How is Low acid coffee different?

Low acid coffee is different in terms that it has less acid content and decreases acid reflux and stomach related problems. Also, it does not affect your daily routine and tastes the same as normal coffee. It is stomach-friendly and reduces the irritation caused by the acids in coffee.

How is Low acid coffee made?

You can make low acid coffee with different methods.

  • One way of making low acid coffee is by roasting. In this method, the coffee beans are made with reduced acidity with less acid and aromatics.
  • In another method, we can use chemical agents to decrease the acidic content in the coffee. You can also make low acid coffee by dark roasting or drying the beans in fruit pulp.
  • You can also reduce acid or make low acid coffee using monsooning or aging or by using arabica or by using an acid-buffering agent.

Pros and Cons of Low Acid Coffee


  • It helps you reduce acid in coffee.
  • It helps you control

    gastrointestinal and stomach problems.

  • It helps to reduce irritation in the


  • It is good for people with acid


  • They are smooth for your stomach.
  • They are best for your teeth.
  • If you are gluten or lactose

    intolerant then low acid coffee is the best.


  • Drinking much of it can also cause


  • Some of them are expensive.
  • They might get some bitter taste


Top 10 best Low acid Coffee Brands

1. LifeBoost Low acid coffee

One of the best picks for low acid coffee is always life boost low acid coffee. They are arabica beans originated from Nicaragua.


The best thing about this brand is the place it is grown and the location which helps a lot and because of that nothing needs to add to it to reduce the acid content in the coffee. They are grown at 5700ft elevation and are non-GMO, USDA certified organic and from a single farm.

As they are shade-grown coffee, they have a desirable taste and contain fruit sugars that add flavor to the beans. Lifeboost is among the world’s 2% coffee beans that are shade-grown. The pH of the coffee is 6.

2. Puroast Organic low acid coffee


Puroast low acid coffee is made from the Venezuelan beans on a wood fire. This helps to make coffee with 70% less acid compared to the normal coffee. 

This coffee contains oxidants seven times more than that of green tea and five times more than that of other coffee beans. Also, it does not contain any calories and is gluten-free and is kosher certified. It contains a dark French roast favor.

The best part about the coffee is that it is very cheaper than compared to other coffee beans.

3. Java PLanet Organic Low acid Coffee


One of the best light roast options for low acid coffee. The dark roast flavor helps to remove tartness from coffee and also is bitter for most of the customers.

If you do not like dark roast then this might not be a good option for you, but if you feel dark roast is good then this is one of the best coffee you can get. If you are not a big fan of dark roast coffee than Java also offers dark, French and espresso to fulfill each and every customer.

These beans are shadow grown and are basically Arabica beans from Guatemala and the flavors contain floral and chocolate with some taste of caramel and allspice alongside with dark chocolate and pecan finish. They are a USDA certified organic label and are bird-friendly.

4. Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Coffee


Subtle Earth grows its coffee in the mountains of Honduras and with fresh air and good quality of soil without the use of pesticides the beans are grown in totally natural conditions and gathered and shipped. 

They have a fully flavored profile along with some bitterness and honey along with caramel and chocolate. It is perfect if you experience indigestion and is also good for your teeth.

5. Momme Coffee Half Calf Roast Coffee


It is made basically for women bearing a child. It can be used by mothers from pregnancy, breast-feeding as they are advised to lower the intake of caffeine. It is made using water method which avoids chemicals during decaffeination. 

The coffee brand is USDA certified and offers a range of decaf, quarter-cafe, half-caf and full-cafe to its customers. The beans have acid levels five times less than the normal coffee and have low chlorogenic acid because of which acid reflux occurs. 

6. Volcanica espresso organic coffee


They are 100% Arabica beans with less acid content than the Robusta beans. They have a strong smell along with caramel which gets your brain moving. It is also available in low acid decaf coffee. They use swiss water to clean the decaf process and get a rich coffee flavor.

7. Folgers simply smooth coffee


With the proper amount of smoothness, this medium-roasted coffee is one of the best in our list. Folgers is one of the best brands for low acid coffee as it is sourced from the best farms. When you order the coffee, you get it in an interlocking aroma seal when helps to maintain the freshness of ground coffee.

8. Tieman’s fusion coffee


They are purely made from 100% arabica beans from South America and Central America. The fusion is made up of tea, goji berry and Matcha green tea which makes the final coffee product with neutral pH and very less acid compared to other coffee. 

The final coffee contains anti-oxidants five times more than your daily needs. The matcha green tea burns fat and gives you the energy to enjoy the caffeine boost and also helps you lose weight.

9. Flax coffee and flaxseed blend


This low acid coffee contains roasted flax seeds along with roasted Arabica Coffee seeds to decrease the acid in the normal coffee. The flax seeds also contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins and minerals. 

Flax coffee tends to make products that help you to lose weight and the flax seeds contain high fiber which helps to increase metabolism. Flax seeds also help you to improve brain function and clear skin.

10. Volcanica Low acid coffee


Volcanica Coffee is the best coffee if you want to change your routine from bean brewing but prefers to have low acid coffee which gives your stomach a smooth coffee drinking experience.

Volcanica is one of the most reputed low acid coffee brands and is one of the finest gourmet coffees in the market. The coffee beans are grown in total natural conditions and in the best-growing regions in the world. The beans are made from arabica varieties grown in Brazil and Sumatra.

Buyer Guide to Select the Best Low Acid Coffee

While buying low acid coffee you need to understand whether the coffee is grown under natural conditions or made under artificial conditions. 

Also, you need to understand if the coffee beans are made in shade-grown conditions or made under normal conditions, you need to choose the shade-grown coffee beans as they are the best coffee beans and are of top quality.

Types of Beans

The coffee beans are of two types. They are treated with low acid coffee and inadvertent low acid coffee. 

The main difference between the two is that the treated coffee beans are made under proper suitable conditions and special techniques while the inadvertent low acid coffee is made under natural conditions. 

They are grown at higher elevations to decrease acid in the coffee. They are grown in Brazil, Peru, Sumatra, Guatemala, and Mexico.


After you have decided on the type of beans you want now you can select beans depending upon the price of the product. 

If you have set some budget restrictions for yourself then you need to relax and wait till you get enough money to buy a good low acid coffee. 

Low acid coffee is worth spending money as they are grown very particularly and marketed, so you can go beyond your limits to buy low acid coffee.    

Check the pH of the coffee

The best way to get good low acid coffee is to get the pH of the acid. You can check the pH of the acid on back of the box or by google search. 

The lesser the pH the better is the coffee. You can also remember pH of water is 7 which is neutral so any coffee which has its pH nearer to 7 is a good low acid coffee.

Length of Roast

Coffee beans are also selected based on the time taken to roast them i.e., whether they are dark roasted, medium roasted. 

Dark roast means the beans are roasted for a longer time which gives bitter taste and is difficult to drink but has low acid levels. Dark roast has less caffeine when compared to normal coffee.       


So if you are facing acid reflux or any serious stomach problems then you can switch to low acid coffee to reduce the problems. 

Our list contains the bests low acid coffee which you can try and get the best results. You can also try low acid coffee to increase your body’s metabolism rate and reduce fat. 

According to us Lifeboost and Java Guatemala are the best low acid coffee as they are made by natural processes and are shade-grown. 

If you want us to add a few more coffee beans that you have tried and liked and are not on the list then you can let us know in the comments.