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Braun Coffee Maker | Top 5 Most Popular Braun Coffee Makers

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Coffee is your all-time drink. You cannot comprise on your coffee that’s why there are so many coffee makers has been introduced with many features that will serve you the best coffee like the way you want. 

Braun coffee maker is one of the best coffee makers, it may look ordinary like any other kitchen appliances but it definitely does a great job.

The speciality of Braun Coffee Maker

Braun coffee maker is a full pot coffee maker which is one among those coffee makers which has been certified by the Specialty Coffee Association. 

It is also not the expensive one and has simple functions to get the best coffee. It is at its best to provide you with a single cup of coffee too not like other full pot coffee brewer which struggles in brewing single cup of coffee.

One of the specialties about the Braun coffee maker has a dial setting that allows you to brew coffee just the amount you want. There is also a setting like drip-stop which allows you to take a mid-brew coffee without any trouble.

Top 5 Popular Braun Coffee Makers

Let us explore the specifications and features of each of the Braun Coffee Makers listed above.

1. Braun KF6050WH Coffee Maker

Braun KF6050WH ensure you the best cup of coffee with pure flavor. It brews your coffee with the right temperature. All the features of the coffee maker try to give you the best premium one.

Key Features of Braun KF6050WH

  • It can brew to full pot of coffee or 1-2 cups of coffee. It has an amazing setting where you can adjust according to how much cup of coffee you want.
  • It has simple programs. You can set 24 hours timer, so that when you are ready at the same time you will get your coffee. The auto off feature will turn it off automatically
  • Braun KF6050WH includes pausing system, so you can pour coffee in the middle of brewing cycle without any mess.
  • It has a capacity of brewing up to 12 cups of coffee. There is a water level measurement also.


  • The coffee maker includes easy

    access control system without any complexity.

  • It can be a programmable 24 hours


  • It has the capacity of brewing 12

    cups of coffee.


  • It does not have a large opening so

    pouring water will be little difficult. Chances of spilling of water are high.


Braun KF6050WH  is one of the cheapest coffee maker in the market. Of course it has the best features and all the necessary functions to brew the best coffee in a simple way. It can also brew a full pot coffee which is a very main advantage.

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2. Braun KF7170SI Coffee Maker

Braun KF7170SI ideal focus is to extract the best coffee flavour and aroma. It has a sleek elegant design features which are very attractive and add style to the appliances.

Key Features of Braun KF7170SI

  • It has a 24 hours timer system that can help you to give coffee when you are ready.
  • It includes a gold-tone filter which helps in providing coffee with essential oils to your cup. There is no need of buying a paper filter.
  • This Braun brewsense very compact which can fit into your kitchen very well without taking much space.
  • It has a digital display which allows you to see the time and temperature.S


  • It has a gold-tone filter which

    purifies brewing water and provides you with the coffee with all essential oil.

  • The brewer is very compact and

    does not take much space in the kitchen.

  • It has a digital display which will

    help you to see the time.


  • The carafe is not made of thermal

    so it cannot keep the coffee warm for a long time.


Braun KF7170SI coffee maker is not expensive but also not too low cost as well. It has a gold-tone filter which purifies brewing water and provides coffee with all extracted essential oil.

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3. Braun KF7175 Coffee Maker

Braun KF7175 carafe made of stainless steel thermal which keeps your coffee warm up to 6 hours. It provides you with flavourful coffee.

Key Features of Braun KF7175

  • You can have rich full coffee anytime even during the brewing cycle. You can serve mid-brew coffee.
  • You can adjust 24 hours timer so it will be perfectly ready when you are ready. It has a turn off button which turn off automatically.
  • It has a sleek elegant design and very easy access control panel.
  • This Braun brewsense has a capacity of brewing 10 cups of coffee.


  • It comes in an automatic system. It

    turns off automatically when brewing is done.

  • There is a pause feature which

    allows you to pour bid brew coffee.

  • It can brew up to 10 cups.


  • It has a tendency to spill while

    pouring the coffee.

  • It can brew up to 10 cups.


The Braun KF7175 carafe has stainless steel thermal coating which keeps the coffee warm for up to 10 cups of coffee. It includes amazing features that help to easily access the machine. It brews very good coffee at an affordable price.

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4. Braun KF7000BK Coffee Maker

Braun KF7000BK coffee maker brews the best quality coffee at home. It is elegantly designed and developed with the best features.

Key Features of Braun KF7000BK

  • It drips coffee maker has the capacity of brewing up to 12 cups of coffee. It gives satisfaction in every sip of the coffee.
  • It has a digital display which helps you to read the time and temperature as it is displayed on the screen.
  • This Braun brewsense has an automatic system which helps to turn off the bottom automatically.


  • It has a unique lid which seals in

    flavour. It has an airtight lid which will not allow air to pass in.

  • It has 24 hours timer which turns of

    automatically once the coffee is done.


  • The glass carafe has a tendency to

    spill the coffee while serving.


Braun KF7000BK is one the cheapest coffee brewer comparing to all other Coffee makers. It is small and compact so there will be no space issue. The carafe comes with a unique airtight lid and it has a sleek elegant design and amazing features which provides the rich and flavourful coffee.

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5. Braun MultiService Machine

Braun Multiservice coffee maker provides consistent optimal temperature throughout brewing. It is one of that coffer maker which is certified by Specialty Coffee Maker.

Key Features Braun Multiservice Coffee Machine

  • It has the 7 programmable brewing machines.
  • You can customize your coffee as per your preference cold or hot, there is Over Ice Light Gold b Bold button.
  • It has a fast brewing technology; it brews the coffee within 7-8 minutes
  • A temp sensor system that closely monitors the temperature throughout the brewing process.
  • It has a Multi-Server dial setting that brews according to the size of the cups.


  • There is also an Over Ice Light Gold

    Bold button which helps you to customise your coffee as per your choice.

  • It has the fast brewing system

    within 7-8 minutes without comprising the taste.

  • It has the Temp Sensor system that

    helps to monitor the temperature throughout the brewing process.


  • It includes glass carafe, which has

    the tendency of spilling while serving.


The Braun Multi-Serve coffee maker is the costly one comparing to the other Braun coffee makers also because it has 7 programmable settings. It is definitely the most stylish one and which will add elegance to your kitchen. It helps you to brew the coffee according to your choice without comprising the taste of the coffee.

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Frequently asked Questions about Braun coffee maker

1. How to clean Braun coffee maker

Make a mixture of water and white vinegar. Then pour the mixture into the Braun Coffee Maker, turn on the button let it brew for some time and complete the brewing cycle then turn off the button let it cool for some time then shake a bit then throw the mixture. Repeat the same procedure as before with plain water and rinse well. Then dry the machine with a clean cloth.

2. How to use a Braun coffee maker?

The pot and filter should be clean and empty. Add the fresh water into the reservoir. Add a filter if there is no inbuilt filter. Make sure the carafe is right on the place. Add coffee grounds and set the timer and press the brew button.

3. How to set the timer on Braun coffee maker?

First press the power button and then press and hold the clock button for 2 seconds once the time starts flashing press the set button to set the time and once you the correct hour press the clock button again then to set the minutes once the time is set one last time press the clock button to save the time.

4. What kind of filter for Braun coffee maker?

Braun charcoal water filter is used for the Braun Coffee Maker which helps to remove all chlorine and the water impurities.

5. How to set auto on Braun coffee maker?

Turn the brewer on and just press and hold the auto on the button for 2 seconds once the hour number starts flashing then press the set button to select the hour then press the auto on the button to lock and then press the set button to select the minute and press the auto on the button. Then you can activate it my press the power button then the auto on button then you will get the options like bold, gold and light select the button of your choice to brew the coffee.

6. How much coffee can be made in a Braun coffee maker?

You can make a full pot coffee in a Braun Coffee Maker. Almost in every Braun brewer, you can make up to 10-12 cups of coffee.

7. How much water does my Braun coffee maker need?

A reservoir full of water is needed and also it is dependent on how much cups of coffee you want to make.