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Best Commercial Coffee Maker | Our Top 12 Picks | Buyer Guide

What Is A Commercial Coffee Maker?

A commercial coffee maker is the one that is capable of catering to the coffee needs of several people at a time, thus making them suitable for being used in commercial places. These coffee makers mainly find their application in commercial areas like workplaces, cafes and restaurants, and are characterized by their immense brewing speed and capacity.

Also they are famous for their non-stop brewing capability, thus catering to the demands of several people simultaneously throughout the day.

Key Features of A Commercial Coffee Maker

The key features of a commercial coffee maker include:

  • Ability to produce large amounts of coffee in one brewing cycle.
  • Ability to brew coffee at a rapid pace, to serve the customers in bulk.
  • Capacity to continue brewing coffee throughout the day in the commercial sector to meet the demands of the customers.
  • Their durability to endure rough usage and continuing to provide their services for several years.

Top 3 Commercial Coffee Makers [Comparison]

Top 12 Best Commercial Coffee Makers [Review]

Let us have a look at the top 12 best commercial coffee makers available in the market.

1. Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

The Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine is a brushed stainless steel powerhouse that can automatically adjust the water temperature for that perfect espresso extraction temperature.

Its special feature includes its Grind Size dial that allows one to select the grind size no matter what type of bean is being grounded, and others like the hand free operation and micro-foam milk texturing facilities.

Built from Stainless Steel, this machine is as sturdy as one can demand, and also has a  hideaway storage compartment for cleaning tools.


  • Grinding Control: The Integrated conical burr grinder grinds on-demand to deliver the right amount of freshly ground coffee directly into the portafilter for your preferred taste with any roast of beans.
  • Espresso extraction: The Digital temperature control (PID) delivers water at precisely the right temperature, hence ensuring optimal Espresso extraction, and rich brew to its users.
  • Micro-foam milk texturing: It’s steam wand performance allows one to hand texture micro-foam milk that enhances flavor and enables the creation of latte art. Thus the complex milk texturing is reduced to a child’s play.
  • Grind size dial: Being simple and intuitive, it’s Grind Size dial gives one control over the grind size, no matter what type of bean is being grinded.
  • Filter: This coffee maker contains interchangeable filters, and tools included to clean it.

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2. Wilbur Curtis G3 Alpha Decanter Commercial Coffee Brewer

The Wilbur Curtis Commercial Coffee Brewer has raised the bar in terms of durability and performance of commercial coffee makers. Being also known as the ‘Usain Bolt’ of coffee makers due to its tremendous brewing speed, it serves great for commercial purposes.

It’s Digital Control Module provides precise control over all brewing aspects, and its thorough precision programming provides amazing user-experience. 


  • Brewing Control: This coffee maker provides precise control over all brewing aspects: time, temperature, volume plus special coffee needs from pre-infusion to pulse-brewing to water bypass.
  • User Convenience: It has thorough precision programming; large, brightly lighted display communicates and easy adjustments of brewing time, volume, and temperature provide amazing user convenience to its users.
  • Tamper Resistant – Its changeable access code prevents unauthorized adjustment, and this advanced security feature is a crucial reason for this coffee maker’s popularity.
  • Size: This coffee maker is small in size and hence does not require huge space to install it.. 

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3. Focus Foodservice 57060 Regalware Commercial StainlessSteel Coffee Maker

This 60-Cup commercial stainless steel coffee maker features an integrated spigot with a higher clearance, thereby allowing the Focus Foodservice 57060 to deliver its 9-quart capacity into even the tallest of mugs.

Equipped with a thermostat for delivering brew of perfect temperature, it has a durable stainless steel body with a dual option non-drip spigot with locking feature.


  • Capacity: It is a 60-Cup commercial stainless steel coffee maker featuring an integrated spigot with higher clearance and accommodates larger mugs and coffee-cups.
  • Material: This coffee maker is made up of stainless steel, and has quite a durable model.
  • Brewing Speed: It is of great commercial value due to its capability of brewing 60 cups of coffee in about 45 minutes.
  • Thermostats: It contains dual thermostats for quicker heat-up and consistent serving of high-temperature brew.

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4. Bunn VP17-3SS3L Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer

This is a highly-rated and top-performing commercial coffee maker, Its splash guard funnel and huge brewing facilities make it perfect for functioning as a commercial coffee maker. 

With this machine, one can expect to produce an average of 3.4 gallons of coffee per hour to fill 64-ounce decanters, and hence its brewing rate is ideal for all commercial purposes. Its  automatic features add to  user-convenience.


  • Funnel: Its special splash guard funnel helps to deflect hot liquids away from the hand.
  • Portability: This coffee maker is portable and it requires no plumbing.
  • Brewing Capacity: It is capable of brewing 3.8 gallons (14.4 liters) of coffee per hour.
  • Cleaning: Its stainless steel body makes this coffee machine durable.

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5. Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial Coffee Maker

The Keurig brand has been a pioneer in the coffee maker industry for long, and even this coffee maker is one of the great products.

It’s advanced features involving a touch screen interface, as well as a 90-ounce water reservoir is surely designed to impress its users.

Its fast  brewing time of less than a minute, and providing brew in 4 different sizes makes this commercial coffee maker stand out.


  • Touch screen interface: This commercial coffee maker possesses an advanced full-color touchscreen interface with adjustable brew temperature and programmable auto on/off settings.
  • Water Reservoir: It contains a 90 ounce, easy to fill, removable water reservoir, that enables in making up to 18 cups before refilling, thus enabling rapid brew in commercial places.
  • Brewing Options: It allows its users to choose from different brew sizes, and also allows them to easily set the strength and flavor of the brew.
  • Brewing Time: This coffee maker is capable of delivering a brew in less than a minute.
  • Draining: Easily drain and remove water from the internal water tank for transport and storage.

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6. De’Longhi ESAM3300 Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

The De’Longhi ESAM3300 is a commercial coffee maker that is designed simply to provide the users with the ultimate performance and quality.

It has a container of the size of about 8.8 ounces and on top, and the professional burr grinder provides freshness and taste of the highest grade.

Its features like easy-to-use rotary and push-button control panel with programmable menu settings and beans container provide the ultimate level of user comfort. 

Its adjustable manual cappuccino system mixes steam and milk to create the perfect foam for your desired cappuccino.


  • Cappuccino System: Its patented “Cappuccino System” frother mixes steam and milk to create a rich, creamy froth to provide the perfect quality brew.
  • Usage: This commercial coffee maker is quite easy to use, as it contains the programmable menu settings.
  • Direct Brew: This coffee maker grinds beans instantly using its  patented “Direct-to-Brew” system. For experiencing the best performance, beans with less visible oil, usually a medium roast, are recommended.
  • High Performance and great brewing Temperature: Since DeLonghi’s new patented boiler is so compact, the excellent heat distribution guarantees a perfect espresso at the ideal temperature every time.
  • Removable Water Tank and Bean Container: Magnifica is the only super-automatic machine that allows one to fill the water tank and empty the coffee grounds without moving the machine.
  • Maintenance: The De’Longhi machines require half the cleaning time of other brands. The compact, extractable brew unit is not only easy to clean, it self-adjusts for one or two shots of espresso.

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7. BUNN 33200.0015 VPR-2GD 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer

Possessing a compact size and two independently controlled warmers, the BUNN 33200.0015 VPR-2GD 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer is one of the best commercial coffee makers available in the market. Also, it contains a pug and hence is portable and can be used in all commercial sectors.

This stainless steel made coffee maker has a highly aesthetic appearance and can start immediately brewing on pouring over water. It also comes with two black decanters and two warmers.


  • Brewing Capacity: This coffee maker has a great brewing capacity, and starts brewing whenever water is added. It can produce an amount of 3.8 gallons of coffee per hour.
  • Warmers: It consists of 2 independently controlled warmers namely the upper and lower warmer.
  • Usage and Portability: This machine is very simple to use and does not require any plumbing. Also, it is plug operated, and hence very portable.
  • Durability: Its stainless steel body makes this commercial coffee maker much durable.
  • Appearance: Due to its aesthetic appearance, it is suitable for use at workplaces or big restaurants.

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8. BUNN 04275.0031 VPS 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer

The BUNN 04275.0031 VPS 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer is a perfect model that is suitable to serve as a commercial coffee maker due to its superior convenience and brewing speed over other coffee makers.

Its immense coffee brewing power can be well estimated by its capacity to brew 3.9 gallons or 14.7 liters of coffee per hour, and it’s 3 separately controlled warmers aid this coffee maker a lot in this process. In addition to this, its splash guard funnels and cheap price are the factors that set it apart from its competition


  • Brewing Capacity: This coffee maker is capable of brewing a massive amount of coffee per hour, thus making it suitable for commercial purposes.
  • Portable: This coffee brewer requires no plumbing or wiring, and can be used within a very small workplace.
  • Warmers: Its 3 separate warmers can tremendously boost the brewing process.
  • Durability: This commercial coffee maker is proved as a durable machine.

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9. Hamilton Beach Commercial Stainless Steel Coffee Urn

The Hamilton Beach Commercial Stainless Steel Coffee Urn is a perfect example of a true commercial coffee maker as it can produce 60 cups of coffee at a speed of a cup per minute.

It contains a transparent coffee window for easy determination of the inside coffee levels, and an easy lid to remove for refilling purposes.

This commercial coffee Urn with cup trip handle lets one fill cups fast with just one hand. It contains a polished stainless steel outer body and keeps a warm heater for maintenance of the coffee temperature.


  • One-hand dispensing: This commercial coffee Urn with cup trip handle lets one fill cups fast.
  • Brewing Capacity: This coffee maker can produce up to 60 cups of coffee at a speed of a cup per minute.
  • Keep Warm heater: The keep-warm heater in the Coffee Urn machine maintains the optimal temperature for better-tasting Coffee.
  • Water/coffee window: This stainless steel Coffee Urn has a transparent water/coffee window, which makes filling easy.
  • Power on & ready lights: Its power on & ready lights lets one know when coffee Urn is on and when coffee is ready.
  • Usage and Cleaning: This coffee maker provides extremely convenient features for its usage, filling, and cleaning.

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10. Wilbur Curtis Commercial Pourover Coffee Brewer

The Wilbur Curtis Commercial Pourover Coffee Brewer is another modern commercial coffee maker that is capable of brewing huge amounts of coffee right throughout the day.

Its three available stations boost its brewing potential making it useful for any commercial arena like cafes, restaurants, or workplaces.

It doesn’t require any plumbing or electricity through wiring, and hence can be transferred easily from one workplace to another. 


  • Brewing Speed: This commercial coffee maker contains three separate stations, and its powerful heating element provides quick recovery, thus enhancing its brewing rate and performance.
  • Water Tank: One of the integral parts of this coffee maker is its large-volume water tank, which enables it to brew at a rapid pace.
  • Material: This coffee maker is made of stainless steel with a textured black powder coating, thereby ensuring its durability.
  • Filters: Its brew cone is deeper than most consumer brew cones, so one should be sure to order a package of CR-10 paper coffee filters that will fit perfectly.

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11. Brew Express BEC-110BS 10-Cup Countertop Coffee System

The Brew Express BEC-110BS coffee maker prevents any kind of mess  while putting water into the coffee maker, with the help of an integrated self-filling system.

Its other features such as cup selector and 10-cup Thermal carafe make it popular among the users, and it can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. 


  • Auto-Fill: Its self-filling technology prevents any  mess while pouring the water into the machine.
  • Brewing speed: Its hot water on demand facility implies continuous brewing with no recovery time issues.
  • Carafe: It includes a 10-cup thermal carafe that is easy to clean, and capable of storing a massive amount of brew.
  • Adjustable Cup Selector: Its adjustable cup-selector allows one to select from a single mug, half, or a full carafe.
  • Durable and Reliable: Being made of stainless steel, this model is extremely reliable.It can be certified as the best coffee maker for both commercial as well as residential purposes.

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12. West Bend 33600 Highly Polished Aluminum Commercial Coffee Urn

West Bend 33600 commercial coffee maker is very much  suitable for gatherings, small cafes, workplaces. It has a brewing capacity of 100 cups with the rate of one cup per minute.

It has a coffee-level gauge and interior water level markings, as well as an indicator light to inform the brewing state.


  • Brewing Capacity: It is a large capacity commercial coffee maker, capable of brewing up to 100 cups at a speed of one cup per minute.
  • Indicator Light: This machine consists of indicator light.
  • Temperature Control: Its Automatic temperature control facility keeps coffee hot for hours.
  • Continuous filling: This coffee maker has a two-way dripless faucet that caters to single or continuous filling.
  • User-convenience: This machine is easy to carry, as it has a heat-resistant base and insulated handles. Its structure makes it easy to clean however, the addition of a brush and a cleaning tool makes the cleaning process effective.

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Buyers Guide to Select The Best Commercial Coffee Maker

Let us have a look at some of the most critical factors that must be considered while selecting a commercial coffee maker.

1. Brewing Capacity And Speed

In commercial places like cafes, restaurants etc., the coffee maker must be able to process brew at a very high speed, as well as should be able to produce higher quantities of brew at one operation, to cater the demands of a large section of customers.

Hence one must select a commercial coffee maker after analyzing its maximum brewing capacity, as well as average brewing time so that the coffee maker can satisfy the commercial needs and keep on delivering coffee at the desired rate throughout the day.

2. Durability of The Commercial Maker

Durability is another important factor for any commercial coffee maker. It’s because in commercial sectors, to meet up with the large scale brewing demands of people these coffee makers need to brew continuously, day-in and day-out. Hence a non-durable coffee maker will easily give up after a few days of extensive usage.

Thus the coffee maker must be compatible with rough and prolonged usage and should be able to brew at a rapid pace throughout the day, for several years.

3. Brew Taste and Temperature

For commercial usages the brewing taste plays a massive role. The coffee is manufactured for customers of different kinds and the success of the business machine will depend upon the customer feedback on the brew. 

Similar to brew taste, its temperature also plays an important role.

4. Automatic and Added Features

Since commercial coffee makers are designed to meet the brewing demands of a large number of people, the speed of brewing plays a massive role.                   

Hence coffee makers containing the latest automatic facilities and other convenient features such as light indicators and the easily-cleaning should surely be preferred.