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Best Krups Coffee Maker | Top 9 Krups Coffee Makers [Review]

What else you want than a hot cup of coffee which brews in a few minutes. When you wake up late and don’t have much time, you will not want to go through a long process of brewing.

What is Krups Coffee Maker?

Krups Coffee Maker is a small appliance for brewing instant coffee. It has a number of features like you can fill the carafe easily and it has inbuilt gold-tone filter and water filter. It has other features which help to make coffee easy like a bold feature where you can customize your coffee.

It has a large opening for pouring water easily. Even cleaning the Krups coffee maker is easy. It has an auto-clean function which will help you to keep your brewer clean.

Top 9 Best Krups Coffee Makers available Online

Types of Krups Coffee Maker

Krups percolator

Krups percolator is for those who like conventional coffee making. It works on the technique of the water movement. Those who prefer a strong bold coffee with a little bitterness can satisfy their palate and they can definitely go for percolator without any second thought.

Krups Automatic Drip

The Krups Automatic Drip is one of the famous style of coffee makers. Krups Automatic Drip heats the water separately with the help of a filament. It is an automatic drip machine which can make one to fourteen cups of coffee.

Krups Espresso Coffee Maker

Krups Espresso coffee maker is for those who like creamy coffee and who want rich in taste of dark coffee. It is commonly used to make cappuccino and latte. You just need to be clear about the amount and measurement; you will get the best coffee out of it.

Krups Thermal Coffee Maker

By the name only you can guess for what does it is known for. Yes, absolutely thermal features help to keep your coffee warm for a longer time. In Krups thermal coffee maker, you can be sure about the strong taste and the hotness of the coffee.

Top 9 Krups Coffee Makers : Review

1. KRUPS Coffee Maker, EC311050

KRUPS is created in 1846 with unique bold design. It soon made its place and identified as a leader in the coffee industry. It is also known for the launch of first electric coffee grinder. It also introduced many German high-quality products in the world.

Key Features

  • Capacity – It can brew up to 12 cups of amazing tasty coffee.
  • Display Screen – It has a display screen where you can see and easily read the time and as well as the temperature. It also helps to easily program the auto start.
  • Digital clock – Digital clock helps to set the time and automatically brew the coffee according to you.
  • Pause and serve – You can serve hot coffee to the cup while brewing the coffee with the help of pause and serve feature.
  • Gold-tone filter – It has a removable gold-tone filter and also helps to easily see how much water you are pouring.
  • Display screen helps to easily see the time and temperature.
  • The digital clock helps to automatically brew the coffee.
  • Pause and serve feature helps to serve the very hot coffee without switching it off.
  • Cleaning the gold-tone filter is a little bit tough to do.

Summary: This Krups coffee maker makes you brew the coffee easy because of many features like auto button, pause and serve option. It can also brew 12 cups of coffee which is not less. It can add stylish to your kitchen and as well as brew tasty coffee without taking much time.

2. KRUPS ET351 Coffee Maker

KRUPS ET351 is a thermal coffee maker. By its name you can get to know that it helps the coffee to be warm for a longer time. It is fully designed and provides many features. These features make it easy to brew hot coffee.

Key Features

  • Digital Clock – Digital clock makes it easy to set time and automatically brew coffee. LCD screen helps you to see the time and temperature easily.
  • Thermal Feature – It has thermal carafe with a large opening and it can keep your coffee warm for almost 4 hours.
  • Pause feature – Pause and serve features can help you to pour the mid-brew coffee. It helps you to get the bold coffee.
  • Clear Display – It helps to display clearly the water level and has a good water filtration system.
  • Thermal carafe helps to keep the coffee warm for a longer time.
  • It has a clear display feature.
  • The carafe is not see through the vessel.

Summary: Krups ET351 coffee maker is the stylish one no doubt in that. It has the automatically brewing system also and thermal Feature helps the coffee to be warmer but it claims to keep the coffee warm only for 4 hours which is less.


3. KRUPS EC314 Coffee Maker

Krups EC314 coffee maker brews 4-12 cups of coffee. It has a full stainless steel body. It had bold features which makes it more stylish machine.

Key Features

  • Stainless Body – It has a stainless steel body and also water level visibility is clear.
  • Easy to fill – It has a large opening which helps to easily refill water and you can pour water with no spillage.
  • Easy to use and beneficial features – There are many features which makes it easy to brew tasty coffee like it has an LCD screen which helps to display the temperature and timing. It has a dual setting for weekdays and weekend auto-function.
  • Gold-tone filter – It has a removable and reuses tone filter.
  • Regular Bold – It has regular bold
  • It is easy to program.
  • It has a large opening which makes easy to pour water with no spills.
  • It has heavyweight so it will be difficult to carry while travelling.

Summary: This Krups coffee maker is very stylish and modern. Many features are there which makes it easy to use efficiently. But it is a little heavyweight so it will be a bad choice for the one who mostly travels a lot. It will be difficult to carry.


4. KRUPS EA8250

Krups EA8250 especially knows for the fully automatic brewing. It is an espresso coffee maker machine. It is designed and manufactured in France.

Key Features

  • Compact – This coffee maker is very perfectly compact size machine. It doesn’t take much space.
  • Inbuilt features – There are many inbuilt features. It has a grinder also so you can grind your coffee beans. It also has a control panel with LCD screen.
  • Hydraulic automated system – Hydraulic automated system makes it easy to brew coffee very professionally.
  • It has a patented system which helps in preheating the machine.
  • It has LCD machine and knob simply helps you to adjust the cups of coffee and choose your recipe.
  • Maintaining this machine is a little difficult.

Summary: This Krups coffee machine is very good for espresso coffee lovers. It has many features that help you to brew coffee without taking much time.


5. KRUPS KM4689

Krups KM4689 is a Moka Brewer Coffee Maker. It is designed in such a way keeping in mind three things that are passion, Precision and Perfection.

Key Features

  • Rich flavor – It gives the richest flavored coffee. It gives full-bodied coffee with the best temperature.
  • Glass Carafe – It got a glass carafe which is see-through and you can clearly see how it is brewing and helps you to see how much water should be poured.
  • Permanent Filter – It has a permanent filter which filters the coffee very well and need not remove or change the filter.
  • Capacity – It can brew up to 10 cups of coffee at one time.
  • It has the permanent filter makes it easy to filter and brew the best coffee.
  • It can brew 10 cups of coffee.
  • There is no thermal carafe so as soon as you brew the coffee you need to serve and drink it.

Summary: Krups KM4689 coffee maker machine got all the features which brew the coffee instantly but because there is no thermal system so your coffee can’t be warmer for a longer time.


6. KRUPS XS1505

KRUPS XS1505 has the capacity to brew four cups of coffee. It is designed in a very modern and attractive way.

Key Features

  • Stylish Carafe – It got the best and stylish carafe which has a handle which makes.
  • Ergonomic handle helps to use the carafe efficiently without any doubt of harming yourself.
  • It does not have a large opening so it is difficult to pouring water or putting coffee powder.

Summary: KRUPS XS1505 coffee maker is not up to the mark like other coffee makers. It does not have an automatic brewing system also and there is a chance of spilling.

7. KRUPS EC322

KRUPS has the highly brewing technology. This brand is established in German. It has many high tech features which make it to brew coffee perfectly.

Key Features

  • Capacity – It has a large capacity to brew up to 14 cups of coffee. It will be just perfect when you get the guest at home it will be enough for everyone.
  • ThermoBrew – ThermoBrew system produces the best coffee with rich, aromatic and flavorful coffee.
  • Gold-tone filter – It has a permanent gold-tone filter to brew a perfect coffee.
  • Pause and Serve – Pause and Serve system help you to get the mid-brew coffee with no less flavor. You can get a cup of coffee as soon as you need.
  • Auto-Off – It has the feature of auto-off and you get a warm coffee for up to 4 hours.
  • The programming is very easy.
  • It has ThermoBrew system which helps to produce rich coffee.
  • It keeps your coffee warm for 4 hours.
  • Cleaning the filter can be a little difficult.

Summary: Considering all factors, this is the best Krups coffee maker which is less expensive and will be perfect for the coffee lovers.


8. KRUPS KM550D50

The KRUPS KM550D50 coffee maker machine is like a personal grinder of both benefit, where you can also make coffee ground and also use the machine to brew coffee.

Key Features

  • Customisation – You can customize you coffee there is feature of bold and regular where you can get bold and strong coffee.
  • Whole bean brew – You can also brew whole bean or else pre-ground coffee.
  • Grinder – You can adjust the grinding process. There are two positions for grinding one for fine grinding and other is for medium.
  • Warming feature – It can keep your coffee warm for 30 minutes.
  • You can customize your coffee as per your preference.
  • Here you can also grind your coffee bean as well.
  • It can only keep coffee warm until 30 minutes.

Summary: KRUPS KM550D50 has all the best features and also has the grinder. You can also brew whole bean or pre-ground coffee. You can customize your coffee as per your wish.

9. KRUPS 229-45

The KRUPS 229-45 coffee maker is very stylish and slim. It is made up of stainless steel. It can keep your coffee hot and fresh.

Key Features

  • Capacity – This coffee maker can brew coffee up to 10 cups of flavorful coffee.
  • Thermal Feature – Thermal system keeps the coffee warmer for hours. You can make coffee at once and can use it for later.
  • Clock- Timer – It has the clock timer which helps to adjust the time to brew the coffee and can adjust up to 24 hours in advance.
  • The filter handle stands out for easy filling.
  • The thermal system keeps the coffee warmer for hours.
  • It has the clock timer that can adjust up to 24 hours in advance.
  • The carafe is not made up of glass so you can’t see how much water to be filled.

Summary: KRUPS 229-45 is the best Krups coffee maker for the ones who like to have a hot beverage in the morning and it’s high tech features help to produce the best coffee with no wastage of time.

Buyer’s guide to choose the best Krups Coffee Maker

  • Quantity – One of the important factors to be considered before buying a Krups coffee maker is the capacity. You should check how many cups of coffee it can brew. Making 4-10 cups of coffee is more convenient than making just 1-2 cups of coffee.
  • Extra Features – What else you want if you have many features in your coffee maker. It makes it easy to brew coffee perfectly. A built-in grinder can brew whole bean or pre-ground coffee so you will get a fresh strong coffee. You don’t have to go any where to have such amazing strong coffee you can get it at home. So you can customize your coffee.
  • Cost – Do a little research on the product and the cost also. Choose the one which has relevant features and the one which is not that costly, which comes within your budget. It should be worth spending so always look for long term cost.
  • Convenience – Always go for your comfort. Don’t think about buying a coffee maker which has many complicated features. If you are fine with just pressing one button for brewing a coffee then use the simple Krups coffee maker.
  • Space – You know about your Kitchen and space rather than anybody else. You have to look for the Krups coffee maker which is compact size and will not take much space in your kitchen.

Frequently asked questions related to Krups Coffee Maker

How to clean krups coffee maker?

Just pour some water and if you want you can add a few white Vinegar. Then let the water brew and allow the water in the pot for a few minutes (10-15 minutes) then empty it. After that pour some cold water with some utensils washing powder and let it be for a few seconds then throw the water out. And the last stage is wiping it with a clean piece of cloth.

How to use a Krups coffee maker?

Firstly fill the carafe with water then add some water in the reservoir through the large opening. Remove the hold tone filter adds some coffee, re-place the filter then close the lid and press the button brew. You can also customize your coffee by pressing the button bold/regular according to your preference.

How to reset the Krups coffee maker?

Firstly switch off the power and then switch on the power button, then turn off by pressing both the button and then long-press the lungo button, when the LED light blinks that indicate that the machine has reset.

How to descale a Krups coffee maker?

Firstly you should see the descaling symbol. Then press the maintenance button, take the water out and then refill it with fresh water add some content of F054 sachet. Place the carafe or any utensil, press the start button then remove the water in the carafe then again long-press water to the Maxima level press the start button and then the water comes in the carafe remove that. Two cycles are enough for rinsing the machine.

How to set time on Krups coffee maker?

Plugin the machine then after a few seconds press the hour/ minute button. Press the hour or minute button within five seconds then press the program button otherwise the time will change back after 5 seconds. Once it stops flashing on the display that means the time is set.

How to set alarm on Krups coffee maker?

You can press the time button set the time to brew the coffee then press the program button then automatically it will brew the coffee and once the brewing is completed the display will turn off and gives you alarm indicating about the brewing is done.


There are many types of KRUPS coffee maker machine in the market. It is the best machine for the coffee lover. You can customize your coffee as per your taste and you can automatically brew your coffee without any hassle. But before buying any coffee maker you should look for the features and do a little research on the type of the body whether it is plastic, glass or thermal.