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Best Vacuum Coffee Maker | Top 6 Vacuum Coffee Makers Review

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Coffee lovers are always excited over unique brewers and unique techniques. There are different methods for different coffee brewers. Vacuum coffee offers a different type of beverage through vacuum coffee makers which consists of two chambers where vapor pressure and gravity used to produce tasty coffee. 

What is Vacuum Coffee Maker?

Vacuum coffee maker has two chambers to brew a coffee which is very different from other coffee maker machines. Vacuum coffee maker is also known as vac pot or syphon coffee maker. The coffee maker is invented by Loeff in the 1830s. It is a full immersion brew system and it is the latest trend coffee maker in the world of home coffee brewing.

How does a vacuum coffee maker work?

There are two chambers. The lower chamber is filled with water put the upper chamber in place. Then turn on the burner and water starts boiling. You can see the water is pushes from lower chamber to the upper chamber. 

Once water is rise towards the upper chamber add coffee grounds and stir well, wait for 1 minute to brew the coffee. Turn off the burner now you can see the water dripping down to the lower chamber. Now your coffee is ready.

Top 6 Best Vacuum Coffee makers

Let us do a detail review of each of Vacuum Coffee Makers listed above.

1. Hario Glass MEXT Coffee Maker

Hario is from Japan and it is a beautiful glass tea and coffee maker which comes with a cloth filter. The handle is made with the silicon rubber.

Key Features

  • Hario coffee maker has two chambers and both the bowls are made of heatproof glass.
  • The coffee maker has a metal filter and a rubber handle which makes it easy to hold and gives the perfect grip.
  • Hario coffee maker has the capacity of brewing 5 cups.
  • The fasteners are made of brass and the stand is made of stainless steel.
  • The two bowls are made of heatproof glasses.
  • It has a handle made of silicon rubber which makes it easy to have a grip.
  • The stand is made up of stainless steel.
  • It is made up of glass so breaking of the bowls are high, so you need to handle it with extra care
  • The vacuum coffee maker takes more effort to clean than other coffee brewers.
  • The burner is not up to the mark.


Hario is a coffee maker which comes in your budget and also has the beat functions. The bowls are made of heatproof glasses so you don’t have to worry about the chambers.

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2. Nispira Coffee Maker

Nispira coffee maker is the most stylish coffee maker which gives your kitchen a royal look. It is elegantly designed and developed.

Key Features

  • Nispira has the capacity of making 3-5 cups of coffee.
  • The body of the coffee maker is designed with a golden colour with a brown wooden base.
  • The water retainer is made of stainless steel.
  • The chambers are made of heat-resistant glasses.
  • It has a capacity of brewing 3-5 cups of coffee.
  • The water retainer is made of stainless steel.
  • The coffee is a little complicated and takes much effort in cleaning the vessel than other coffee brewers.


Nispira coffee maker is a bit costly than the coffee drippers. It has an elegant stylish design which gives the royal touch to the coffee maker. The coffee maker is worth spending money.

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3. Yama Glass Coffee Maker

It helps in sealing the aroma and flavours of the coffee. It is a premium handcrafted vessel. They ensure to give the best quality coffee each and every time.

Key Features

  • Yama coffee pots are designed with the barista.
  • Its capacity can be measured to about 3-4 cups.
  • It comes with a cloth filter and a measuring spoon.
  • The Yama glass is made of master glassblowers.
  • High-quality scheme.
  • It has the capacity of 3-4 cups of coffee.
  • Yama coffee maker has the washable cloth filter and measuring spoon.
  • The glass is made of master glassblowers.
  • Can’t turn the burner high as it can spill from the top chamber.
  • It does not have a proper handle for the perfect grip.


Yama coffee maker is one of the cheapest price coffee makers compare to other coffee drippers. It is made of glass and has the chance of breaking the bowls easily and you should be very carried while cleaning the vessels. It does a good job but still, there are better vacuum coffee makers than Yama coffee maker.

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4. KitchenAid Siphon coffee maker

KitchenAid Siphon maker is small and compact in size. It helps to give a rich and flavourful coffee very conveniently at home.

Key Features

  • The KitchenAid coffee maker can easily make 4-8 cups of delicious coffee.
  • It has precise temperature throughout the brewing process.
  • The carafe bowl has a marked measurement. It has a magnetic locking seal which helps in fastening the brewing process.
  • It can brew a full-bodied kind of coffee.
  • The carafe comes with a marked measurement.
  • It has 360° rotation removable base.
  • It is quite expensive than other coffee brewers.


KitchenAid Siphon is expensive than other coffee brewers. It is small and compact so very space-friendly too, it will not take much space in your kitchen and has the best functions for providing delicious coffee.

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5. Diguo New Generation Coffee Maker

Diguo brewer is invented in the 18th century and it gives the best delicious coffee. It comes with a flask type vessel.

Key Features

  • It provides you the pure flavourful coffee without any bitter taste.
  • The cloth filter will not let any small coffee ground into the coffee.
  • The vacuum flask is of 304 stainless steel and BPA free borosilicate glass.
  • It has the capacity of brewing 5-6 cups of coffee. 
  • The cloth filter will not let any coffee grounds into the coffee.
  • The flask is made of stainless steel and BPA free borosilicate glass.
  • It take a lot of time to clean the coffee maker.


The Diguo brewer is a good one to conveniently use at home. It ensures to provide you with the delicious coffee with aroma. The flask made of BPA free which is environmentally friendly too. You also get a measuring cup which will help you to measure water to make coffee according to your need.

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6. Boeng 5-Cup Coffee Maker

Boeng is one of the inexpensive vacuum coffee makers compare to other vacuum coffee maker. It is a table top coffee maker.

Key Features

  • It has the capacity of brewing 4-5 cups of coffee. Boeng coffee maker is perfect for serving to 3-4 people.
  • The glasses are made of heat resistant glasses.
  • Other parts of the coffee maker is made of polypropylene.
  • It is durable and easy to use without any complexity.
  • It has a capacity of brewing 5 cups of coffee.
  • It is easy to use without creating any mess.
  • Unlike machine wash cleaning with hands is a bit difficult.


Boeng is one of the cheapest coffee makers it cost just $ 35. It works on the expansion and contraction of water vapour. It is the best siphon coffee maker comes which comes in your budget.

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Buyer’s guide to choose the best Vacuum Coffee, Maker

  • Don’t settle for low-grade vacuum coffee maker. If you want to buy any siphon coffee maker you should buy the one which has the basic important functions to brew a nice coffee. 
  • The vacuum coffee makers burner need to be poured alcohol into the small chamber that helps to create a steady flame which is just right for the brewing coffee.
  • Choose the vacuum coffee maker which has the right kind of filter which will result in providing the best coffee. There are metal filter, paper filter, cloth filter and glass filter. Unlike the paper filter, cloth filter doesn’t trap any of the oils in the coffee. The best one to have is cloth filter, it helps to separate all the coffee grounds out of the coffee mug and gives you the velvety and smooth coffee.
  • There are two types of vacuum coffee maker- standalone and stove top. Standalone brewer is mostly know for the style and design. It has flat surface which allows the entire pit to be set on the burner. It is generally used with the alcohol burner. On the other hand stove top brewer are easy to use, they can be used on a gas or electric stove but it lacks the style and look.
  • You should choose a high quality coffee beans and it should be medium coarse ground. If your coffee is too smooth or finely ground then there is chance of clog the filter during the extraction.
  • You should be very careful while serving and drinking the coffee because unlike other coffee dripper, the vacuum coffee will be much hotter than the other brewers. So always choose the vacuum coffee maker with a proper handle which has good grip while serving the coffee. It will help you to protect your hands.
  • If you are the one who doesn’t enjoy the metal flavor in coffee then you should go for the glass inner lining instead of metal inner lining. But if you want to carry the coffee with you then you should avoid the brewers which use glass.

FAQs related to Vacuum Coffee Maker

1. Who invented the vacuum coffee maker?
The Vacuum coffee maker is invented by Loeff of Berlin in 1830s.

2. Why is siphon called the vacuum coffee maker?
Siphon called as the vacuum coffee maker because it has the mechanism to change the vapor pressure of water through cooling and heating the lower chamber or bowl. 

3. How long does a vacuum coffee maker take to warm up?
It takes less than 5 minutes to warm up the water.

4. How to clean a vacuum coffee maker?
If there are any coffee grounds remaining in the bowl gently tap and throw the coffee grounds. Turn the coffee filter counter clockwise and remove it and gently wash the filter with your hands. Then fill the bowl with the warm tap water and then gently shake and remove the water from it and repeat it if it is needed then gently use the brush to clean the bowl and rinse with the freshwater. Dry the bowl with any clean cloth.

 5. How many scoops of coffee can be made in a vacuum coffee maker?
Use the medium-coarse ground and 74gms for 8 cups is the general amount to be taken.