best plumbed coffee maker with water line

Top 5 Best Plumbed Coffee Makers with Water Line | Buyer Guide

What do you think about enjoying the readily-prepared coffee with exquisite taste by pressing the single button?

Yes, plumbed coffee makers with water line are such brewing machine that makes your coffee-making process joyful and stress-free!A Plumbed coffee maker is also often referred to as a ‘Coffee Makers with Water Line’.

What is a Plumbed Coffee Maker?

The plumbed coffee maker is a brewing machine that has a direct connection to the water line that you no longer need to worry about the water reservoir refilling process as in the case of a traditional coffee maker.

In this process, the coffee maker will directly supply the required water from the source to the brewing system. Here, the issues of insufficient water level for the brewing process never raise as everything becomes automated.

The plumbed coffee-making machine starts preparing your beverage once you press the start button.

These machines also provide customized service by having options on the quantity and strength preference level. Just by selecting your preference through easy-to-use buttons, you can enjoy your drink!

A Plumbed coffee maker is one that differs from other conventional coffee makers in terms of its water supply.

In the case of normal coffee makers, one has to physically supply the water to the coffee maker’s water reservoir, a plumbed coffee maker is usually set on the walls and directly connected to the main water line, and thus eliminates the requirement for physical filling of water.

The plumbed coffee makers stay highly suited where the beverages are to be prepared in large numbers as the water supply always stays ready and sufficient.

Most Popular Plumbed Coffee Makers with Water Line

Buyer Guide to Select The Best Plumbed Coffee Maker With A Water Line

By looking for the following features and advantages on your plumbed coffee maker, you can enjoy satisfying beverage-preparing results!

1. Usage Area

It is always common that commercial centers such as industries, restaurants, etc., demand comparatively heavy-duty plumbed coffee makers than the home-use purpose.

So, if you are selecting the product for your commercial purpose, go for the speedy machine that can produce more drinks per hour.

On the other hand, the product with an optimum warm-controlling feature shall go best for the home-usage.

Similarly, the plumbed coffee-maker with an automated timer-clock can wake you up with the fresh flavor of coffee that stays best for home use.

2. Instant or Ground Bean

Your preference of taste always matters in the coffee-maker selection process. Certain plumbed coffee makers support only k-cup technology while other groups of products support both k-cups and traditional grounds. So, based on what you would like to have for refreshing your day, select your mechanism.

3. Additional Features

The plumbed coffee makers also provide varying additional features such as power-saving mode, strength preference option, hot water faucet, timer clock, individual-warmer to maintain the heat of the beverage for an extended period, etc.

This article list-out the additional features provided by each product to aid you through the purchasing decision.  

Top 5 Best Plumbed Coffee Makers

1. Keurig K3000SE k3000 brewer

Enjoy your break time with the freshly and perfectly brewed beverage by having Keurig K3000SE Commercial Brewing System at your workplace!

With this brewing machine, you can get your coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or iced beverages in less than a minute through its incomparable speed and capability.

It is a one-cup beverage-making system that brews a single cup of beverage with the preferred size and strength. It means that you can have your coffee or tea with high, medium, or light strong between 4 brew sizes of 4-10 ounces.

Its technology features with continuous brewing process by having just 60 seconds break between each cup of beverages. Thus, this system stays perfect for commercial use which caters to a large number of beverage-lovers with different tastes and preferences.

This brewing system with a vast consumption design is featured with direct water line plumbing that enables continuous water availability.

Thus, you no longer need to get tensed on lack of water in the middle of the brewing process! It also tends to be the quietest brewing technology with no noise.

The presence of an LCD interface provides step-wise instruction on the beverage-brewing process that aids even first-time users through the perfect drink. It also displays the options provided and selections made for better convenience.

The system supports almost all the brands of sealed, self-contained K-cups and brews a fresh and aromatic drink by obliterating the scrap.

It is featured with automatic k-cup ejection that once it is used, gets moved to the built-in trash. It also has a mug sensor that prevents spilling and a messy environment.

Keurig K3000SE Commercial Brewing System has the benefits of automatic on and off function that it automatically gets into work once you fix the time.

The period of activating energy-saving mode can be set by the user that helps to save the energy consumption when the machine is not in use.

Highlighted Features of Keurig K3000SE Commercial Brewing System

  • Provides various choices on drinks such as coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and iced beverages within a minute.
  • Accepts different brands of k-cups to prepare fresh and aromatic drinks at the preferred size and strength.
  • Mug sensor to make the brewing process clean and mess-free.
  • Automatic on and off option with energy-saving mode.
  • Ensures a large number of beverage breaking with just 60 seconds in-between break.
  • Best commercial brewing machine with noise-control technology.
  • Direct water-line plumbed machine that ensures continuous water input for large consumption.
  • Automatic k-cup ejection technology.

Why is Keurig K3000SE Commercial Brewing System the best plumbed coffee maker?

This brewing system has an in-built water line connection that ensures the continuous water supply for a large quantity of beverage creation. It is highly customizable in terms of beverage size and strength that caters to the preference of individual users.

It is a one-cup technology that produces a perfect drink within a minute and continues its beverage-making process with just a 60-second break. So, if you are looking for a brewing machine for commercial use, Keurig K3000SE Commercial Brewing System can stand top with high automized features!

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2. Keurig K150P Commercial Brewer with Direct Water Line Plumb Kit and Filter Kit

Here comes the next product with Keurig K150P Commercial Brewing System that fits best for small and medium commercial usage with its customizable options and LCD touch screen interface. It is an NSF-certified product that tends to be safe for use in foodservice. 

This single-cup applicator can also provide you with tea, chocolates, and other hot beverages within a minute. It supports almost all k-cup brands for the brewing process and by adjusting the cup size that lies between 4-12 ounces you can get the beverage with preferred strength such as mild to strong.

It is again a plumbed coffee maker that ensures a ready and continuous supply of water for the brewing process.

It has an attractive display with a digital clock that enhances the look of your workstation and kitchen. It has the temperature-adjustability feature that provides the beverage with different warm levels. 

The presence of automatic on/off technology is yet another advantage that enables the machine to take complete care of its own. It provides user manual instructions in three different languages for your convenience! 

Highlighted Features of Keurig K150P Commercial Brewing System

  • Stays apt for both kitchen and small to medium commercial usage.
  • The highly customizable product provides options on the temperature and strength of the beverage.
  • Has the features of automatic on and off process.
  • Has interactive touch screen for providing the preferred beverage with desired taste within a minute.
  • NSF certified plumber coffee maker.

Why is Keurig K150P Commercial Brewing System the best-plumbed coffee maker?

This coffee-maker is credited with all the professional features that stay fit for small to medium commercial use.

It has a highly customizable benefit that caters to the beverage preference of different users in the workplace. It also has an automatic on and off function that is again the required feature for commercial usage. 

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3. Brew Express BEC-110BS 10-Cup Countertop Coffee System

Start your day with the freshly prepared, highest quality hot beverages from Brew Express – BEC-110 Countertop Automatic Filling Coffee System!

It is again an in-line water-connected brewing system that you can prepare the beverages one-after-one with no worries of refilling. Its self-filling feature ensures a fresh supply of water as and when you command a drink.  

Simple adding of coffee powder or beans to the container ensures the rightly brewed beverage. It can also prepare tea, cocoa, and chocolate at the highest quality and mesmerizing tasting within ½ the time of conventional brewer.

This speedy yet effective machine provides the highest durability that makes your purchase worth it.

The kit includes the express carafe that can hold 10 cups of coffee at an optimum temperature to retain its taste, freshness, and strong for a longer period.

This brewing system provides you the option of cup selection to match your quantity preference. You can select your option among one-cup, half the carafe (5-cups), and a full carafe (10 cups). It claims to fill the entire carafe with as little as just 6 minutes.

The next important feature of this machine is its timer clock that once you set the time for your coffee break, the system will automatically keep your beverage prepared.

Thus, it makes this unit suitable for both home purposes to enjoy the early-morning coffee sessions and commercial purposes to keep the drink ready at intervals.

Apart from its speed, design, and automated features, Brew Express – BEC-110 Countertop Automatic Filling Coffee System ensures the highly-refreshing, hard-to-forget beverages that match the industry standards of specialty coffee association of America!

The kit contains the user manual with easy-to-understand instructions that make your preparation process really cool.

Highlighted Features of Brew Express – BEC-110 Countertop Automatic Filling Coffee System

  • Ensures the highest quality, remarkably refreshing beverages at ½ times faster than conventional brewers.
  • The kit includes the express carafe that holds up to 10 cups of drinks at the optimum temperature to retain its taste and quality.
  • In-built water connection system that ensures ready and freshwater input for preparing drinks.
  • Machine with the highest durability for preparing coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolates, etc.
  • Provides choices on cup-selection that best suit your beverage requirement.
  • Fills-up the entire carafe within 6 minutes.
  • The Timer-clock feature ensures automated beverage-preparation.
  • Stays suited for both home and commercial purposes.

Why is Brew Express – BEC-110 Countertop Automatic Filling Coffee System the best plumbed coffee maker?

This brewing system has the feature of a timer clock that automatically keeps your drink prepared once you schedule your coffee-preference time.

It ensures to provides the highest-quality beverage that matches the standards of specialty coffee association of America. It also comes with an express carafe that helps you to keep your coffee stored with optimum warmth and taste.

The option on quantity preference enables you to prepare from a single to ten cups of beverages on a single go. Thus, it stays best for both home and commercial purposes.

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4. Bunn 07400.0005 VLPF Professional Automatic Coffee Brewer

Here comes the next plumbed coffee maker with Bunn 07400.0005 VLPF Professional Automatic Coffee Brewer that ensures 14.4 liters of coffee per hour to provide 12 cups of coffee with exquisite taste!

Its internal parts are composed of high-durability stainless steel that ensures the long shelf-life of your coffee-maker. It has two individually-controlled warmers, one with a coffee-dispensing nozzle and the other without.

The placing of decanters in these warmers helps to maintain the warm nature of your beverage for long-lasting hours.

The dispensing nozzle brews fresh and aromatic beverages into BUNN decanters (that is not included in the kit). Its automatic feature starts the brewing process once you add the coffee beans and press the on button.

The high-quality, patented brewing system contains a reservoir and spray head that maintains and shower water with optimum-temperature over the coffee beans. This process ensures the perfect extraction of flavor and taste to your drink.

The presence of SplashGaurd benefit protects your hands against injuries due to the splash of hot liquids when you pull the funnel out before the brewing-process stops.

So, apart from being highly capable, it also stays safe for regular home and commercial usage with its professional features.

Bunn 07400.0005 VLPF Professional Automatic Coffee Brewer also has a separate hot water faucet to dispense warm water on preference. This feature allows you to prepare tea, and other instant foods.

Highlighted Features of Bunn 07400.0005 VLPF Professional Automatic Coffee Brewer

  • Allows you to enjoy the perfect flavor and taste of beverages with simple, easy-to-use buttons.
  • Featured with two unique warmers that maintain the temperature of your drink for a long-lasting day.
  • Highly-patented brewing system for getting exquisite beverages.
  • Has separate hot water faucet as an additional advantage.
  • Stays safe with SplashGuard feature.
  • High-durable, stainless-steel internal component with a black exterior.

Why is Bunn 07400.0005 VLPF Professional Automatic Coffee Brewer the best plumbed coffee maker?

It contains two individually-controlled warmers that help to keep the drink fresh and warm for a long-lasting period. The presence of an additional hot water faucet is yet another advantage that makes the preparation of instant breakfast easier.

It has SplashGuard benefit that protects your fingers against injuries during the coffee-making process. These advantages features make this machine unique!

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5. JAVAPod Coffee Maker

JAVAPod Coffee Maker is credited with dual features that support both the direct water-line connection and traditional water-reservoir system.

So, if you have to prepare the beverages constantly as in the case of restaurants and commercial centers, the waterline connection would go well as it supplies water continuously.

Else, if you are looking for simple home-use with minimum drinks-preparation, you can select the refilling method. The choice is completely yours as the system offers both advantages!

The kit provides 50 paper coffee filters and a refillable pod capsule with a built-in steel mesh strainer.

Thus, you can enjoy your coffee from both the k-cups and traditional coffee beans. This machine also aids you in preparing tea, cocoa, hot chocolates, etc.

The pre-programmed dispense sizes provide you with the option on the quantity of single-cup beverage such as a small cup, medium mug, or big tumblers. Based on your mood, preference, and habit, you can select your beverage-dispense level.

Another major credit of this lovable coffee maker is its space-saving feature. With only 7-inches in width, this machine plays wonders in creating your drinks with its buttons!

Highlighted Features Of JAVAPod K-Cup Coffee Maker and Single-Serve Brewer Coffee Maker

  • Best plumbed coffee maker with both in-line water connection and refilling capability.
  • Stays suited for both home and commercial purposes with its specialized features.
  • Single-cup brewing machine that supports both k-cups and traditional coffee.
  • Enables you to customize the number of drinks between small, medium, and large cups.
  • Highly durable with easy-to-use buttons.

Why is JAVAPod Coffee Maker the best plumbed coffee maker?

Its uniqueness lies in its options that you can enjoy. It supports both the in-built water connection and refilling water-reservoir that based on the coffee-making frequency, you can select your water-filling type.

It also supports both k-cup and traditional coffee that you can select by considering your preference. It also gives options on beverage quantity and supports the making of almost all hot beverages.

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Editor’s Choice: Best plumbed coffee makers with water line

  • PREMIUM SINGLE SERVE COFFEE BREWER – Perfect for the modern kitchen this smart coffee brewer is compatible with all your favorite K-cup pods and reusable capsules, so you can enjoy fresh brewed French roast coffee, decaf, tea, cocoa and more.
  • EXCLUSIVE REFILLABLE or DIRECT CONNECT WATER LINE: – A truly one-of-a-kind single serve coffee maker featuring a manually refillable water reservoir for countertop use and an option for connecting a water line for offices or shared workspaces
  • PRE-PROGRAMMED DISPENSE SIZES – Our versatile single serve coffee maker also features fill presets to let you fill up a small coffee cup, medium coffee mug, or even a bigger travel tumbler. Perfect for starting off the day or relaxing in the evening
  • ENJOY K-CUPS OR TRADITIONAL COFFEE – As a Bonus, we’ve included 50 paper coffee filters and a refillable pod capsule with built-in steel mesh strainer with our JAVAPod single serve coffee brewer so you can enjoy any compatible single-serve K-cups or use your favorite coffee grounds, seamlessly.
  • TRUSTED QUALITY ASSURANCE– Our JAVAPod coffee machine was designed to support your everyday life at home or at work which is why it’s backed by our responsive customer service and long-lasting quality you can trust. Purchase with total confidence!

JAVAPod K-Cup Coffee Maker and Single-Serve Brewer Coffee Maker tends to be a remarkable space-saving product with both in-line plumbing and re-fillable reservoir option.

So, it stays best for both limited coffee-making home use and heavy-duty commercial use.

It provides fresh, mesmerizingly aromatic beverages from both the k-cups and traditional grounds. It also supports the preparation of exquisite tea, cocoa, etc.

This plumbed coffee maker has a high durability with extended shelf-life. It also provides options on the quantity level of a beverage between small, medium, and large cups. It also has an attractive design with easy-to-use buttons.

Final Words:

Plumbed coffee-making machines make your coffee-making task simple and hurdle-free as it keeps you away from the constant water-refilling process. It ensures the aromatic coffee with perfect taste by supplying the water to the brewing system directly from the water source after filtering-out all the taste-diminishing particles.

All of the above-mentioned products are credited with the best and easy-to-use features. Just by following the simple instructions provided along with the brewing machine, you can make your beverage break unimaginably cool and refreshing!