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Coffee Percolator Types | How to Make Coffee in a Percolator

What Is A Coffee Percolator?

A coffee percolator is a type of coffee-making pot that is used for brewing the coffee, and is one of the oldest methods of brewing that still exists today.

A coffee percolator brews coffee by continually cycling the boiling or boiling brew through the grounds using gravity until the required strength is reached.

The concept of Coffee Percolator was invented in early 1800s, and later the first US patent of Coffee Percolator happened in 1865.

The coffee percolators being one of the oldest coffee brewing tools, enjoyed immense popularity until about the early 1970s, after which suddenly automatic drip coffee makers rose to the scene and grabbed the limelight due to their better quality brew as acclaimed by the users.

One of the primary reasons behind the loss of the immense popularity of Coffee Percolators is their problem of over-extraction that arises due to exposure of the grounds to higher temperatures than other brewing methods.

In spite of such drawbacks, traditional coffee lovers still acclaim that the strong flavor of coffee produced by coffee Percolators is second to none, and for several such coffee enthusiasts Coffee Percolators still serve as one of the primary methods to brew coffee. 

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Types of Coffee Percolators

Over the years, the traditional Coffee Percolators have been quite modified and presently there are several types of coffee percolators available in the market. Let us have a glance at the various types of Coffee Percolators.

1. Electric Coffee Percolators

Being one of the most widely used Coffee Percolators, the Electric percolators are recognized for their durability, phenomenal cup of coffee, and necessary contraptions such as motors, heating elements, and electronics to further improve the cup of joe.

As suggested by their name, they operate with electricity and are definitely one of the most convenient ones to use and operate. However their only drawback is their inability to use outdoors due to lack of electric power.

2. Stovetop Coffee Percolators

Stovetop percolators are renowned for producing coffee that possesses rich flavor, strength, and aroma and hence is quite popular among enthusiasts preferring strong brew.

They can be distinguished from the other coffee makers with their long kettle like appearance and their unassuming façade hides a reliable, steam-powered, coffee-brewing vacuum.

3. Siphon Coffee Brewer

Siphon coffee brewing machines use a combination of the percolation and infusion technique to prepare the joe. The steam forces hot water up the stem of the coffee ground container and mixes with the ground coffee. 

Here the water vapor rises from the pressure chamber to the brewing chamber and then is cools down to prepare the brew. The siphon coffee makers are generally very delicate and due to their combination of percolation and infusion techniques, they succeed in producing rich aroma and flavored coffee.

4. Camping Coffee Percolator

Camping Percolators are coffee brewing pots that are capable of brewing coffee fast, without the use of electricity, at a camping site. They are specifically designed with special features suitable for outdoor conditions.

They can be either pressure type or gravity type. Most camping percolators are quite similar to Stovetop Coffee Percolators in terms of operation, with the difference that they are quite durable and designed to function in outdoor areas.

5. Microwave Coffee Percolator

These are Coffee Percolators that operate using less electricity, and are only feasible to operate at home. Their ability to prepare coffee in the microwave, and brewing time of less than 5 minutes make them stand apart from, the other conventional coffee percolators.

However due to their limitation of being compatible only with microwaves, they are quite less popular compared to the other types. 

How to Use A Coffee Percolator?

Although the method of working and usage varies according to the type of coffee percolator used, the basic process of usage remains more or less same to all.

The basic mechanism of any coffee percolator involves the circulation of boiling or near-boiling water through the coffee grounds until the desired strength is achieved. 

How to Make Coffee in a Non-Electric Percolator  [Infographic]

How to use a non electric coffee percolator

  • Pour the water in the bottom chamber of the percolator, then place it over the heat source.
  • When it begins to boil, one should add the coarsely-ground coffee—ideally in the internal metal filter basket.
  • After this, one must reduce the heat, and let gravity work its magic for about six or seven minutes, then remove it from the heat for a minute to let everything settle down. After this one can pour a cup to see if it’s of the correct strength.
  • While pouring one must be cautious, because a too-deep tip will bring the grounds up from the bottom. If the drinkers find the brew weak, one can go for about 10 minutes of boiling next time, which is a sufficient time limit for extracting a strong flavor.

How to Make Coffee in an Electric Percolator  [Infographic]

How to use an electric coffee percolator

  • First grind the coffee beans coarsely to prevent over-extraction, and then put them into the percolator.
  • After this, simply you plug in and switch on the electric percolator, the coffee will begin brewing immediately and it will take about 5 or six minutes to complete the cycle. Some electric percolators come with a light that lets one know when the coffee’s ready.
  • Once the brewing process is completed, one must be sure to unplug the percolator so that it can cool down.
  • Once it has cooled down sufficiently, one should remove all the parts and clean them. It is very important to note that one must not submerge an electric coffee percolator in the water to clean it. Doing so means risking damage to the electrical parts due to short-circuiting. Hence instead, use a washcloth or a wet sponge to clean inside the pot.

Specialty of Percolated Coffee

There are several special features and qualities associated with Percolated Coffee, that can’t be obtained in other brewing techniques. Some of those specialties are:

  • Percolators are generally famous for making a nice, strong cup of coffee. Although Percolators are inferior in comparison to quality drip coffee makers, in terms of getting the best from a good coffee, they do make a great cup of Joe.
  • Percolated coffee is famous for its rich, bold, and strong feel which is often lost in case of cheap drip brewers. Hence Coffee Percolators are perfect for strong flavor coffee lovers.
  • Since coffee percolator involves the circulation of boiling or near-boiling water through the coffee grounds, the repetition of this cycle enhances the extraction ratio of water, as the water comes in contact with the coffee multiple times. As a result of this method of extraction, percolated coffee possesses a strong aroma to instantly attract all coffee enthusiasts.
  • Percolated coffee is generally hot and possesses a higher temperature, than coffee prepared by other brewing methods. The prime reason for this is the exposure of the grounds to higher temperatures than other methods, and occasional re-circulation of already brewed coffee through the beans to avoid any under-extraction. Hence the percolated coffee serves as the favorite one for people preferring hot coffee with strong extracted aroma.

Hence any traditional coffee lover, who is drawn towards a cup of joe by its strong aroma, flavor, must use Coffee Percolators to obtain the desired brew.

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